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Annual Report of the Management Committee



Buderim Garden Club Inc

70th Annual General Meeting held on the 11th of November 2016


As president of the Buderim Garden Club I would like to welcome, our members and visitors to this the 70th AGM of the Buderim Garden Club and present the Annual General Report of the Management Committee for 2016.

This year our committee members were:

 President-Teddy Gove, Vice President-Maxina Williams,

Secretary-Jackie Bonner, Treasurer-Jenni Campbell,

Ordinary members:  Steve Wikman, Helen Wallace, Bev Schouten, Shirley McDonald, Robin Porter, Elaine Davidson, John Sargaison and Elizabeth Hales

The Management Committee meets on the first Tuesday of the month at Vise House to manage the affairs of the club.

The average attendance at Club Meetings for this year was 108, not counting visitors. The highest attendance was 136  in February and the lowest was 87 in July.


70th Anniversary Celebrations

 This year marked the Club?s 70th Anniversary and special projects were started right from the start of the year. We had the Buderim Garden Club Float in the Australia Day Parade,

the Murray River Trip, our Banksia spinulosa Project, the 70th Anniversary Calendar, Gardens of Buderim Book and our 70th Anniversary Lunch.

 70th Anniversary Lunch

The 70th Anniversary lunch held at the BWMCA hall on the 25th of August was attended by 133 members and guests. It was a magnificent event and an outstanding success. The Guest speaker was Ross McKinnon AM retired curator of the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. Other guests were Federal member Ted O?Brien, State member Steve Dickson, Mayor Mark Jamieson, Cr. Christian Dickson, Patron Marjorie Van Roy and Glenys Bruun from Garden Clubs of Australia. Past Presidents were also guests at the lunch. The musical entertainment was provided by Alan Winter,  Christina Hanley and Noel Williams. The Event was organised by Maxina Williams and her sub-committee Steve Wikman, Elizabeth Hales, Laurel Asimus and Noel Williams. We thank all those involved in making this an event to remember.

 In 2015 we received a grant from the Buderim Foundation towards our 70th Anniversary Banksia spinulosa Project. Our aim was to raise the profile of the Buderim Banksia in Buderim. We ordered 335 Banksia spinulosa plants through Manawee Garden Centre which we distributed to our club members at and after the 70th Anniversary Lunch. Many were hand delivered by Jackie Bonner. Approximately 80 plants were distributed to community groups. We also produced 260 brochures about the Banksia, its growing condition and its historical significance. These were also distributed along with the Banksias.

John Sargaison, Jackie Bonner, Bev Schouten Laurel Asimus all contributed to the success of this project.

 This year has seen the major change of the Monthly Photography Competition, photos being submitted as digital images rather than actual prints.

Members embraced the change extremely well and each month there were many exhibits. Over the length of the competition close to 170 photos had been submitted and the standards presented were all of excellent quality.

As a great bonus we were able to use many of these images to create the ?Buderim Garden Club 70th Anniversary 2017 Calendar?. The end result is excellent and has been widely acclaimed. Many thanks to all the Members who have contributed to the Competition this year and we very much look forward to another excellent year of competition in 2017.

Our very special thanks go to Elizabeth Hales, for organizing the calendar and George Greenaway, who very kindly accepted the task of judging the entries each month.

In June as part of our 70th celebration, a BGC group went on a 7 day Murray River Cruise on the Proud Mary. The trip was organised by Peter Asimus. Highlights were the guided tour of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, The sandstone cliffs along the Murray, picturesque towns and the Australiana Night BBQ around a campfire.

We had hoped to have The Gardens of Buderim Book ready for sale as part of our 70th Anniversary celebrations. Club members have contributed to the book by writing about their garden. Photos have been taken and quotes have been obtained for printing. At this stage Sarah Seeberg is doing the final editing and the book should be ready in the new year.

 Guest Speakers

 This year we have had speakers inform us on a wide range of topics.  Barbara Wickes , co-ordinator  of The Giant Kitchen Garden at the Queensland Expo in Nambour was given a warm welcome at the beginning of the year.  Members benefited from her generous sharing of cuttings from her magnificent garden.

Tennille Docherty, Landscape Architect from the Sunshine Coast Council gave us great insight into the complexities and considerations taken into account to create the stunning Village Green Park.

Dianne Clark made us familiar with the habits and benefits of keeping native bees and how to nurture our gardens to encourage wildlife.

Lyndon Davis from the Gubbi Gubbi Language Group was popular ? not only did he explain the traditional Aboriginal use of plants but also thoroughly entertained us by playing the didgeridoo.

Several Garden Club members shared their expertise with us on a variety of subjects and we finished off the year with a most informative talk by Barbara Beerling on Heritage Roses.

We?d like to thank Elaine Davidson for organising the guest speakers this year.

 Buderim Garden Festival

  The Buderim Garden Festival this year was a great success; it has continued to be the signature event for Buderim and is our main fund raiser. We had two sponsors. Manawee Garden Centre and the Buderim, Bendigo Community Bank.

As per last year we had a Festival Coordinator and five convenors. The convenors were Laurel Asimus for Open Gardens, John Sargaison for Flower Show, Bev Schouten for Publicity, Robin Porter for Equipment and Shirley MacDonald for Stalls.

Just about every club member was involved in some way with the Festival.

A full report of the Festival is available on our website and extracts will be presented following the AGM

 Beautification of Buderim

 Our major donation in our 70th anniversary year to the beautification of Buderim was our $10 000 donation to the Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens to go to the further development of their Whipbird Walk Project. The project aims to provide an area with in the gardens where children can explore, discover and respond to what they find. It was the MRBBG 20th Anniversary this year.

 Recently we donated $374 to the BWMCA as a share payment of the concrete path in front of the Colin Cambell seat where the grass had been worn away by pedestrians.

 The Edna Walling Memorial Garden is situated on a large island roundabout at the end of Quorn Close near the top entrance to Buderim Forest Park.

This garden has been maintained for many years by members of Buderim Garden Club with assistance from the council for major works.  We have always tried to keep the garden in the style that Edna would have appreciated.  We meet there at 6 or 6.30am (season dependant) on the third Tuesday of each month for about an hour to carry out whatever work we have planned.

This year has been difficult for all of us as the dry conditions have made planting a risky business and we have lost a number of small plants that simply could not survive the dry conditions.

The vandals have again caused us some considerable damage with our watering system - once again unusable. We don?t bother repairing it as it is pointless. Despite these depredations from vandals both feathered and other types, our small band of volunteers have remained a happy bunch who talk and solve the world problems as they work. We have occupied most of our mornings with weeding, sweeping, picking up rubbish and pruning.

 This year we have tried to allow more light in to the understory and have planted a few low growing shrubs and groundcovers along with four of the Buderim Banksia. Three survived and a new one has since been replanted as a replacement and we are now watering several of these plants weekly to help them through the summer heat. This year has seen some proactive action from the Council representatives and has resulted in our needing to put out ?workmen ahead? signs and witches hats in our work area. This seems a bit of overkill as the traffic is minimal but it is only a small imposition for an improved safety factor

We are grateful for the continuing support from the Buderim Garden club who have again allowed us to purchase fertiliser, planting soil, insecticide, soil improver and new and replacement plants and shrubs. We are extremely grateful to Lindsay Robertson as coordinator and all his workers for the work that they have done at the Edna Walling Memorial Garden.

 The 3rd Friday Garden Shed Working Bee

 The small group of enthusiastic gardeners continues to meet on the third Friday of the month at the BWMCA hall at 4:00 pm in summer and at 3:30 when the days are a little shorter. The group started when the Colin Campbell Garden was established. We continue to look after the gardens around the hall and we do a general tidy up around the club?s store room. This year the club purchased some basic garden tools as well as a garden hose and fittings


 We had 47 new members this year, and two members passed away .

The current membership is 17 life members and 222 ordinary members which makes a total of 239.
Steve and Maxina have continued with the meeting and greeting of new members and visitors which has been very effective.

We thank Ann Colville for again hosting the New Members morning Tea on two occasions this year.

The committee would also like to thank Noel Williams for all the hard work he does looking after the membership details.


 There has been sunny weather and full buses for 3 successful Bus Trips this year. The February trip was to the Lindmar Gardens, then an exploration of the new Sandy Point hotel and 2 gardens in the Bribie area. In September, the Gourmet and Garden trip showed what could be done with acreage and lots of hours of gardening to create spectacular gardens. Lastly, the Rosevale Nursery and the Samson Valley area was discovered, along with Theo?s extensive nursery and Go Green?s nursery and bird haven.

Our lunches at the Sandy Point hotel, Flaxton Gardens and Samson Valley hotel have all been enjoyed, and we have valued the opportunity to visit magnificent private gardens.
The bus trips have been organised by Bev Schouten, and many photos can be seen on the BGC website.


As Workshop Convenor for 2015/16 Steve Wickman has valued the support of club members for their interest and participation at the various venues.

He has tried to accommodate those of us who are still working as sometimes these members miss out on garden club activities.

He states ?We had a good number of people at John and Paul Sargaison?s home at Coolum in November 2015. This was a new garden surrounding a fully renovated home.

 John?s passion for cordylines together with other tropical plants transformed this suburban bare block into a tropical paradise. The authentic Bali hut was the centre piece where we enjoyed John?s description of how they went about this project.

 His inspiration gave a few of us the push to go home and try a few of his propagation tips.

 Paula?s art studio appealed to the gathering and she showed us some of her completed mosaic pieces that had been incorporated into the garden."

I thank John and Paula for their invitation to visit them in their tropical domain.


In April 2016 we were certainly welcomed by Vicki and Pete Staal at their Palmwoods oasis. As this acreage garden had been let run wild prior to their purchase they both worked tirelessly to take control of the weeds in preparation for our visit. I am hearing that our visit got a few of those jobs done around the house that had been put on the back burner.

Rain on and off during the morning certainly did not dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd. As this location had been a working nursery business in a past life, remnants of this by gone era had been modified by Pete to the extent where Vicki?s passion for aquatic plants could be expanded. Also the old igloo shade houses have been put to good use for propagation purposes.

Vicki gave us tips on how to take cuttings and shared her method of propagation and the name of the potting mix used.

Pete?s presentation on how to manage his stingless bee hives together with a honey taste test captured our taste buds in preparation for morning tea.

To top off the morning Vicki?s family supplemented our usual morning tea with homemade scones, jam and cream. Our thanks go to Thelma (Vicki?s mum) for her efforts here.

Thank you Vicki and Pete for your invitation and we hope we can come again next year.

     To try something different our final workshop was conducted at the historic walking track of the Palmwoods/Buderim tramway line, Telco Road, Buderim.

As many of our garden club members are new to the Buderim area, this venue gave us some Buderim history from the early 1900?s. This tramway operated from 1916 to 1935.?


Nambour Garden Expo

We again excelled ourselves with a splendid display.

The theme this year was ?Gone Potty? and we approached it from two angles. Our display included seven chamber pots and two toilet pedestals as well as three delightful flower pot people made by Eunice Worden and Monika Stinton.

A magnificent array of plants was provided by a number of our club members and Maxina Williams and Steve Wikman oversaw the setting up on Thursday and the dismantling on Sunday. They were willingly supported by other club members.

The display was very popular and those members who manned the exhibit over the three days received many favourable comments. Thank you to all those who were involved.

 Buderim Street Party

At the August 13th  Buderim Street party, 10 Club members gave out over 300 bromeliad plants , and many more  flyers advertising our October Garden Festival. Many people commented that their plants from the previous Street Party were alive and well and much appreciated. Thank you to our members who assisted with this stall and to Bev for organising.


It is impossible to thank everyone at a time like this.  However special Thanks must also go to:

·        The Buderim Historical Society for allowing us to use their venue free of charge for our committee meetings.

·        Heather Cook and her canteen helpers for organising the afternoon teas. Heather is retiring from that position and we sincerely thank her for looking after it this year so well. We are looking for a volunteer to look after the canteen and the afternoon tea.

·        Lois and Bill van Motman for their organisation of our Christmas function as well as  the monthly raffles and prizes.

·        Manawee for their donation of a plant for all our club meetings and Christmas Function

·        Noel Williams for club publicity

·        Ken Evans for organising the seedbank and supplying the honey for the raffle

·        Helen Wallace for the Newsletters and looking after the Club Library.

·        Shirley McDonald for organising the monthly flower competition.

·        Frank Tucker for judging the monthly flower competition.

·        All the exhibitors to the monthly flower and photographic competition.

·        Tom Crerar, Robin Porter, John Lyon and Ern Tozer as well as all the other helpers who set up and dismantle the hall for monthly meetings.

·        Elizabeth Hales for organising the monthly Photographic competition, and Jim Hales for his assistance  with the audio visual equipment

·        Barbara Sherstone for the many jars of marmalade donated for the monthly raffle.

·        Rod Nicholls and Reg Gibson for their plant stalls.

·        The many members who donated plants to our stalls as well as the volunteers who priced and worked on the club plant stalls.

·        All members of the Management Committee for all their hard work and for all the time and effort they have put in so that our club functions effectively and continues to be relevant and enjoyed by our members.

·        All members for attending the meetings, supplying the afternoon teas and for participating in many of the club activities.

·        I would like to thank the secretary Jackie Bonner who has been a great secretary.
She has been reliable, efficient and effective in what is not always an easy job, and the Treasurer Jenni Campbell for all the work she has done and the support she has given me.

Teddy Gove