Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

flower Competition Results May 2017 Meeting

Rose - Single Flower: 1st Reg Gibson 2nd Shirley Mc. Donald

Single Flower: 1st Steve Wickman 2nd Shirley Mc Donald

Multiple Flower: 1st Reg Gibson 2nd Reg Gibson

Container of Flowers: 1st Shirley Mc Donald 2nd Judy Harman

Flower from a Shrub: 1st Bev Schouten 2nd Lois Evans

Flower from a Vine: 1st Bev. Schouten 2nd Bev Schouten

Hibiscus: 1st Di Robinson 2nd Tom Crerer

Stem or Bract: 1st Reg Gibson 2nd Judy Harman

Camellia: 1st Di Robinson 2nd Shirley Mc Donald

Cut Foliage: - Piece or Leaf 1st Shirley Mc Donald 2nd Maxina Williams

Flower from a Native: 1st Robert Wilson 2nd Robert Wilson

Flower Competition Results April 2017 Meeting

ROSE - SINGLE FLOWER  1st. Shirley Mc Donald 2nd Shirley Mc Donald

SINGLE FLOWER 1st. Ken Evans 2nd Maxina Williams

MULTIPLE FLOWER 1st Reg Gibson 2nd Ken Evans

CONTAINER OF FLOWERS 1st Ken Evans 2nd Judy Harman

FLOWER FROM A SHRUB 1st Tom Crerar 2nd Elizabeth Hales

FLOWER FROM A VINE 1st Pam Sheahan 2nd Elizabeth Hales

HIBISCUS 1st Di Robinson 2nd Elizabeth Hales


RHIZOMES and TUBERS 1st Ken Evans 2nd Elizabeth Hales

ORCHID 1st Elizabeth Hales 2nd Bev Schouten


AZALIA 1st Shirley Mc Donald 2nd Elizabeth Hales

BULBS 1st Reg Gibson 2nd Maxina Williams

CUT FOLIAGE PIECE OR LEAF 1st Shirley Mc Donald 2nd Shirley Mc Donald

FLOWER FROM A NATIVE 1st Maxina Williams 2nd Noel Williams