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Buderim Garden Festival  Flower Show Schedule 2017

Buderim Garden Festival 14th & 15th October 2017

Spring Flower Show Pave Guide


This guideline has been prepared to assist children who wish to submit an entry in the Children’s Floral Art Design Section of the Buderim Garden Club’s Spring Flower Show.


What is Pave?

The NSW Floral Art Association defines Pave as “the placing of materials close together, with no spaces in between, to form a pattern or covering to the container area.”

You can use materials such as small flowers, seed pods and berries which are grouped and arranged to form a design or pattern.  The design must be kept low. 

To create your Pave design/pattern, place floral foam or damp sand in the container supplied by the Buderim Garden Club so that it does not sit above the edge of the container.  In a decorative style and colour theme, you then arrange and press materials (such as small flowers, leaves, pods, gum nuts, stems and berries that have been collected) into the foam or sand.

Non-natural materials such as coloured beads, pins, tinsel, paper, etc. must not be used in the design.

Things like lilypilly berries, gum nuts, rosemary, succulent leaves, geranium and tiny succulent flowers can be used in your Pave design.


There are only a few rules for a Pave design:

  1. the design needs to be incorporated into the container supplied by the Buderim Garden Club,
  2. make sure that all the sand or foam in the container is covered and can not be seen; and 
  3. not too much of the floral material can peep above/over the edge of the container.


More information and examples of Pave arrangements can be found on the internet and on websites of Australian-based floral art associations if you are looking for additional design inspiration.