Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club


May 2017 Meeting

A very busy meeting as we voted on a new logo which will feature our banksia (badderam) which Buderim was named after, a shirt for wearing at special functions and a new permanent name badge.

Our Guest Speaker, Stephen Flood, brought along a lot of rainforest plants and talked about their care, what he uses to pot them in, and the special markings on the leaves on some which keeps grasshoppers away. I found this most interesting. He had some wonderful specimens on display.

Our own member, Steve Wickman talked about how to show our blooms for best display in our upcoming Octorber Festival as well as our monthly competition.

We had some wonderful blooms in our Flower Competition and Monika showed us a slide presentation of the winning photo competition. About 100 members attended the meeting and several guests and new members were present on the day which ended with a delicious afternoon tea.

April 7th 2017 Meeting

Our meeting was held a week earlier because of the Easter Weekend falling on the second Friday of the month of April. 98 people attended the meeting and we had one new member.

A wonderful display of flowers and plants for our flower competition was held and in view of the cyclonic conditions of the weeks before the meeting it was great to see so many blooms. More photos can be seen on the Results of the Flower Competition page.

At our April Meeting, Stewart Penny Guest speaker, a commercial avocado farmer talked about growing avocados on the Sunshine Coast and he recommended the Hass variety and talked about care, mulching and fertilising. He also highlighted all the diseases that are prevalent in avocados up here on the coast, although one of our members has had a tree 40 years, it bears hundreds of avocados with very little care and maintenance.

The website manager talked about the Buderim Garden Club website, how the format had been changed because of an update and guided members via the mobile telstra internet device to the various chapters on the website. She reminded us not forget to look under the MORE section to the right of the chapter bar and locate other items and the important LINKS page which takes you to other garden club associated locations. Next talk will be on the FACEBOOK Page.

The well stocked library was used as was the seed bank under Ken Evan's capable management. Both plant stalls were well stocked and members enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea after the meeting.

March 10th 2017 Speaker

Suzanne Barrett gave a most interesting talk about the use of colour selection for our gardens. Based on the 3 primary colours of red, blue and yellow, Suzanne showed us many photos and painting examples of colour blending and contrasting within some gardens.   Check out her website. www.susannebarrett.com.au (there is a link to her website on our LINKS page)

 Suzanne  held one of her colourful paintings as she posed with President John Lyon.

A perfect example of a monochromatic garden, Harold Peto's garden, Iford in the Cottswolds, UK. All purple, mauve with an occasional white thrown in.