Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

Australia Day Parade on 26th January 2018
Again this year, the Buderim Garden Club members are asked to march/daudle in this parade, complete with flowers to give away and wheelbarrows/rakes/spades to show off our gardening theme.  If members cannot be there on the day, Ken Evans will accept flower donations at his home at 25 King St., Buderim on the day before (25th January).

Paula Owens passed away in mid December after a long courageous struggle with cancer.
Paula joined the Garden Club in 2006 and was a major organiser of the monthly plant stall and a willing participant
in Club activities.

As a very community-minded person, Paula was President of the Buderim Red Cross and the Membership officer of the BWMCA for many years. 
She was a regular volunteer at the Buderim Old Post Office and the Welcome to Buderim groups.
Since Paula did not want a funeral, her family organised a private cremation, and a Wake was held to toast the vibrant positive spirit of Paula Owen.

    Gardens of Buderim Book

Recommended Retail Price: $26.95

The “Gardens of Buderim” book was officially launched to the members at the BGC Christmas Lunch on Friday 8th December 2017

“Gardens of Buderim” (RRP of $26.95) is now on sale at Books of Buderim, Manawee Garden Centre and at the Old Post Office-Buderim.

Contact John Lyon, President, Buderim Garden Club, on Email [email protected]  or Mobile: 0448714561 to order copies.

Many thanks to Sarah Seeberg for all her hard work.
 Gardens of Buderim Report

 For over 71 years Buderim has had an active Garden Club, currently boasting over 200 members.                

Now the Club has published a book, “Gardens of Buderim”, providing a perfect Christmas gift”, says John Lyon, President of the Club.  “In it several members share their delight and pride in the gardens they have created, of different sizes and styles, showing how they have overcome problems like poor soil or steep slopes, as well as their successes in growing special flowers, fruit, vegetables and other plants”.

Also included are articles about how to design a garden, the future of gardening in Buderim, the Club’s background and some of the town’s garden history, as well as useful details about local public parks.


The garden stories and front and back covers are enhanced by superb photographs, mostly taken by Elizabeth Hales and Club members. 

 “Gardens of Buderim” is an attractive stocking-filler for the keen gardener or garden visitor in your family or circle of friends”, book editor, Sarah Seeberg, says: “Or, for you, it will provide a pleasurable virtual walk around lovely Buderim gardens and parks”.

Many of the gardens featured have been highlights of Buderim’s annual Garden Festival, open to a large and admiring public during the second weekend in October.          

“Gardens of Buderim” (RRP of $26.95) is now on sale at Books of Buderim, Manawee Garden Centre and at the Old Post Office-Buderim.

OR, Contact John Lyon, President, Buderim Garden Club, on Email [email protected]  or Mobile: 0448714561 to order copies.

Below is a precis of Sarah Seeberg’s talk for the launch of “Gardens of Buderim”

at the Buderim Garden Club Christmas Lunch, 8 December 2017

The intention of “Gardens of Buderim” is to provide a selection of the various types of garden one can find in Buderim.  So there are the flat gardens ‘on top’ and at the base of the mountain and several sloping, some very steeply, down the sides.  With different soil types.  And a variety of types and styles from tropical to cottage, from courtyard to acreage, long-established and newly created, those that concentrate on colourful flowering plants or foliage plants or a wealth of fruit and vegetables.


Other chapters look at designing your garden, how gardening in Buderim will need to cope with climate change, the garden at Pioneer Cottage, a look at how the Club started and what has been accomplished in 70 years, and a list of Club Presidents from 1946 to date.  Also, we were fortunate to receive a poem and two songs which add a nice light touch to the book.  As well, details about Buderim’s public parks are included.


The wonderful thing about this project is that every contributor has been a volunteer, until we got to the end and employed a professional proofreader, a graphic designer and a printer

I particularly want to thank two of those volunteers: Teddy Gove and John Lyon.  Teddy was President when I took on this project, John is President at this end stage.  Both have been encouraging and supportive throughout the entire process – and both contributed enthusiastic and informative pieces about their own lovely and distinctive gardens.


Thanks also to Ray Eadie who began this process .


The excellent photographs of most of the contributors and their gardens were taken by Elizabeth Hales.

The photos of Buderim’s public parks, the front and back cover and other shots around Buderim were provided by Alex Sweet, who I think you’ll agree has done a fantastic job of designing the book.


More acknowledgements will be found in the Introduction of the book.


Who are the people our beautiful brand-new book is designed for?    There are 3 main groups:

  1. Buderim Garden Club members: - the spirit of competition is alive and well in our club – with our monthly comps and the Garden Festival’s open gardens comp –  and we all love to look at other members’ gardens and find garden ideas we’d like to emulate or plants we wish to grow;


2.Newcomers to Buderim: who don’t yet know the terrain, the soils and climate, nor the plants that can be grown here, and need to be inspired and encouraged;


3. Visitors to Buderim: who love the greenery and the gardens and wish to take home a memento of their visit, as well as the many visitors who come to our annual Garden Festival. 


Now, I think we are entitled to congratulate ourselves on a job very well done, so I’ll ask the following people to stand up and be appreciated by fellow Club members :

  1. Pat & Paul Moses [Not present= NP)                -   Elizabeth & Jim Hales
  2. Ann Colville                                                  -   Michael & Beryl Walsh
  3. Teddy & Ron Gove                                         -   Ken Evans [Np]
  4. Laurel Asimus [Np]                                        -   Jackie Bonner [Np]
  5. Steve & Karen Wikman                                   -   Tony O’Brien [Np]            
  6. Shirley Macdonald                                         -   Rita Eaton
  7. John & Kathy Lyon                                          -   Bev Schouten
  8. Jenni Campbell                                               -   Helen Wallace
  9. Maxina Williams                                            -   Noel Williams
  10. Lindsay Robertson [Np]                                  -   Heinz Seeberg

                                       These people are featured in the group photo below, with Sarah Seeberg, centre front row

Dates for the diary (and Calendar)

*** The Club's break-up Christmas party was held at the Headland Golf Club on Friday 8th December.
Photos of the Christmas party guests are featured under the "Photos" heading on the ribbon heading above.

*** The Buderim Garden Club's 2018 Calendar is now available @ $10 a copy at February 9th's general meeting.

*** Buderim Christmas Carols, were held on Sunday 10th December at the new Village Green stage (opposite Buderim hall, Church St.)

*** The Memorial Service of Life Member, Robert Sadgrove,  was held in the Buderim Uniting Church, Gloucester Rd, Buderim,
on Tuesday 5th December.