Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

Foote-Tapping Music concert, Foote Sanctuary, Buderim, Sunday 22nd July

Enjoy the sound of music in the Foote Sanctuary, Buderim, as excellent artists entertain you under the forest canopy.

The talented Performers are:

Ken O'Flaherty with his D'Ukes of Oz band
Crooner Trevor Mitchell,
Local singers Bev Gourlay and husband Aart Schouten,
Singing guitarists Sue and Neil

The Buderim Garden Club are holding a plants stall, and there'll be a sausage sizzle and other food and craft stalls which will begin trading at 11am.

Entertainment on the forest stage will be from 12 noon and finish around 3 pm.

Admission is by gold coin donation, and please bring your own chair or blanket

The address is Park Lane Buderim which can be reached off Mooloolaba Road via Foote Ave then Fountain Street. Parking is tight in the Lane but space can also be found in Eckersley Ave with a stroll down to the Sanctuary, via the walkway adjacent to no. 51 Eckersley Ave.

It’s easy to find, so please come!

Call Geoffrey Hole on 0415 265534 for any inquiries including media and directions for safe parking.

*** Sunshine Coast Council announces
 Please be advised of the following key items:
-       The gravel carpark adjacent to Church St and the hall will be a closed construction site as of 6th June until mid-August
-       Church St will be closed to all traffic during mid-year school holidays Monday 2nd July – Saturday 14th July.  Drainage lines and electrical road crossing will be installed during this period
-       Parking in the existing sealed carpark and on Church St may be reduced at times during construction activities.
-       Increased truck traffic and noise can be expected between Monday 6.30am and Saturday 6.30pm for the duration of works.

****  2018 Buderim Street Party!        Music – Food – Fun for All!               Saturday Night, Aug 4 2018 from 5:30 to 8:30

The Buderim Village comes alive for one huge night of fun and entertainment . . . and it is all for YOU!

The Buderim Street Party is a legendary event which is held annually in August in Burnett Street, Buderim.

In 2018 the event will cover the area from the smaller roundabout in Burnett Street, down the Clearview circuit just off Main Street. The Woolworths carpark will not be used and access to Woolies, will be via the smaller roundabout in Burnett Street.

The Buderim Village is closed to traffic and in place, is a host of stalls, street entertainment, food and much much more!

Who runs the show? Local community-minded volunteers from The Lions Club of Buderim and The Rotary Club of Buderim.  Lions President Mr. Brian McBride told us “The Street Party is an event we maintain to highlight the community spirit of Buderim and to foster that spirit across the wider area around the Mountain.”

The Buderim Street Party has developed into the Mountain’s premiere community event, growing in strength and popularity every year. It is estimated that around 10,000 people join in the festivities. Please joins us!

Note that Lindsay Road, Ballinger Road, Main Street and Burnett street will all be affected during the road closure.

It is a huge family night, so be there, mark you calendar now!


*** A New Members' morning tea is planned for 15th August.  New members will receive a personal invitation to meet each other and the committee.

***A Chappy Dave garden was created at the Buderim Mt. State School by garden club members Karen O'Connor, Monika Stinton and John Lyon.
It was funded by the Buderim Lions Club.

*** Teddy Gove is the Shedders group leader and would like a few more volunteers to join this happy group. The group potted up numerous cuttings, which now must be nurtured to be ready for our Garden Festival on 19th and 20th October .

 *** The photo competition closed at midnight, June 30th. Please check out the details under the Meetings, then Photo Comp. labels above.

Visit to Parliament

 *** On 16th May, Brent Mickelberg, MP for Buderim in Qld Parliament, was host to contributors of the "Gardens of Buderim” book at the  Qld Parliament. Brent presented the book to the Parliamentary Librarian, Janet Prowse, who was gracious in her acceptance since she is a keen rose grower.  Editor Sarah Seeberg and President John Lyon spoke, and after the handover, Brent spoke to the group about his priorities for Buderim: trying to improve traffic flow was high on the list!
This was followed by a tour around the Parliament building and afternoon tea. This was an excellent opportunity for promotion of the Club and "Gardens of Buderim", and also interaction with other BGC members.
Photos of this important event can be seen in the Photos section (on ribbon above).

Copies of “Gardens of Buderim” have already been lodged with the National Library in Canberra and the Queensland State Library.

Well done Sarah for getting this happening!   (See more details of this book, below).

*** BUDERIM GARDEN CLUB WORKSHOP:    Tuesday 12th June at 25 King St., Buderim (Ken and Jan Evans' home). Check out the photos!


*** The Relay for Life organisers asked the Buderim Garden Club to create table centrepieces, for their event on Saturday May 5th.
Many members supplied a wide variety of colourful flowers, and masterpieces were created by the team above - Maxina, Eunice, Kim and Monika. See photos in the Photo Gallery section. According to Monday's News, the amount of $55,000 was raised on the day.

*** The Buderim Garden Festival poster has been created, and is displayed under the Festival heading above.

*** At the April general meeting, President John Lyon spoke of the committee's decision to donate funds for the further beautification of Buderim, which is one of the aims of our association.
 The sum of $2,000 is being given to install "fairy" lights in 2 trees adjacent to the old Buderim P.O. in Burnett St., Buderim.
An additional $500 is being given to the Foote Sanctuary, where a major tree planting program has been undertaken over this wet season to fill in the gaps created by the removal of exotic Candlenut and Queensland Maple trees (non local flora). So far approximately 300 tubed seedlings have been planted, and this process will continue throughout the coming months.

*** The BWMCA organisation is funding a memorial seat in honour of David Edwards, who was a long time member of that organisation (mainly as the Treasurer) and the Buderim Foundation (for which he donated many, many bottles of superb wine for their raffles).
He was very community minded - helping with sound projects for Anzac Day and hall activities and generally where help was needed.
This seat is now established outside the Buderim Memorial Hall, facing towards the Village Park, and is surrounded by a garden which was created and will be maintained by the Buderim Garden Club's Shedders group. See photos in the Photo gallery.

 **** Patricia Graham is producing a monthly Newsletter which will be sent out on line to all members who have given their email address to the Club.             Hard copies are only available at the monthly meeting for non-email people.

*** At the beginning of 2018, there were over 240 Club members.

Coming Events

 July 22nd Foote-Tapping concert.


August 4th Buderim Street Party.

  • August 25 Glebe garden Club Home Gardeners Expo
  • August 29 QCA Fashion Parade Mt Cootha
  • Laidley Spring Festival notification 6-8 September 2018
  • September 16 Botanical Bazaar- Gold Coast
  • September 22+23 Toowoomba Geranium Show and Sale  58 Neil St
  • Charity Exhibition Gardens in Toowoomba, held on the same weekend as the Toowoomba Garden Festival, 21st - 30th September 2018…..For more info contact Anne O’Brien - [email protected]
  • Oct 19th set up, then 20+21 Buderim Garden Festival
  • October 27&28 Bathurst Spring Spectacular - 9 open gardens $20


Australia Day Parade  26th January 2018

This year, about 20 Buderim Garden Club members paraded along Burnett St in the Australia Day Parade.
Most members wore their BGC Tee shirts and many flowers and cuttings were given away to the enthusiastic applause from the spectators (most of whom were observing from shady areas, whist we endured the searing heat).

Steve and Kathy were the banner bearers this year, with John and Ken following with their flower-laden wheelbarrows. 
Our group was so spectacular that we won 3rd prize, after the Mons Play Group (1st) and Matthew Flinders School (2nd).

Check out the photos in the drop down heading of  "Photos" on the ribbon above.

    Gardens of Buderim Book

Recommended Retail Price: $26.95

The “Gardens of Buderim” book was officially launched to the members at the BGC Christmas Lunch on Friday 8th December 2017

“Gardens of Buderim” (RRP of $26.95) is now on sale at Books of Buderim, Manawee Garden Centre and at the Old Post Office-Buderim.

Contact John Lyon, President, Buderim Garden Club, on Email [email protected]  or Mobile: 0448714561 to order copies.

Many thanks to Sarah Seeberg for all her hard work.
 Gardens of Buderim Report

 For over 71 years Buderim has had an active Garden Club, currently boasting over 200 members.                

Now the Club has published a book, “Gardens of Buderim”, providing a perfect Christmas gift”, says John Lyon, President of the Club.  “In it several members share their delight and pride in the gardens they have created, of different sizes and styles, showing how they have overcome problems like poor soil or steep slopes, as well as their successes in growing special flowers, fruit, vegetables and other plants”.

Also included are articles about how to design a garden, the future of gardening in Buderim, the Club’s background and some of the town’s garden history, as well as useful details about local public parks.


The garden stories and front and back covers are enhanced by superb photographs, mostly taken by Elizabeth Hales and Club members. 

 “Gardens of Buderim” is an attractive stocking-filler for the keen gardener or garden visitor in your family or circle of friends”, book editor, Sarah Seeberg, says: “Or, for you, it will provide a pleasurable virtual walk around lovely Buderim gardens and parks”.

Many of the gardens featured have been highlights of Buderim’s annual Garden Festival, open to a large and admiring public during the second weekend in October.          

“Gardens of Buderim” (RRP of $26.95) is now on sale at Books of Buderim, Manawee Garden Centre and at the Old Post Office-Buderim.

OR, Contact John Lyon, President, Buderim Garden Club, on Email [email protected]  or Mobile: 0448714561 to order copies.

                                       The contributors to this book are featured in the group photo below, with Sarah Seeberg, centre front row

Dates for the diary (and Calendar)


                      *** The Buderim Garden Club's 2018 Calendar is available at BGC general meetings at a reduced price of $5.