Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

The photo competition closes at midnight, June 30th.

Please do not leave it to the last minute, as it takes time to move  your photos to an area which has a large storage capacity, so your photos can be of Calendar /printable/publishable quality.
This is the space where the judge can review the entries and  select the winners, which will be published in the calendar.
Many thanks to the members who have already submitted their photos. 
It would be great to have lots to choose from, to make our 2019 calendar the best ever.
When your entries  are received you will be notified, so you know that they have made it safely to the judges viewing section

A quick reminder:
  • You may enter 10 garden related photos. 
  • Must be taken in Queensland
  • They do not need to be taken in 2018, just your best ones.
  • Obviously you need to be a current member of BGC.
  • best to be landscape for the month pages, as the calendar is in month by month format
  • portrait images may be used in other spaces

Please name them with your member number.

Co-ordinator Elizabeth Hales will oversee the submission of photos in May/June that will be judged at that time, and will be available for selection for next year's 2019 calendar.
By entering this competition permission is given to use them in the Calendar.
Entries are to be photos of Queensland subjects and to be photographed by the competitor.
Entries will be digital and are to be sent electronically to the email address  [email protected]
Please ensure that your membership number is listed on your entries, which may be of any botanical or garden interest and must be received by
June 30th 2018
The number of entries per person is 10, so there's plenty of opportunity to show off your lovely photos.
The Garden Club of Australia annually holds a photography competition, and in 2017 Helen Wallace and Elaine Davidson won Highly Commended prizes in this competition.  Well done!

Winners of 2017 Photo competition

1st: Patricia James
2nd: Elizabeth Hales
3rd: Elaine Davidson

This photo is on the cover of our 2018 calendar, which is now on sale for a reduced price of $5.

Photo Competition rules.

1. The competition months are May and June

2. Entries are to be of photos taken of Queensland subjects.

3. Entries are to be photographed by the competitor

4. Entries to be digital and sent electronically to email address [email protected]

5. Entries to be labelled with the members membership number.

6. Entries to be received by 30th June

7. The decision of the judges is final.

9. Points are awarded by the judges Two points for first, one point for second.

10. By entering photos in the competition, permission is given to use them in the 2018 Calendar