Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

Winners of 2017 Photo competition

1st: Patricia James

2nd: Elizabeth Hales

3rd: Elaine Davidson

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Photography Results

 August 2017 Photography results

Section A. Australian FLowers

1st Paul Moses

2nd Patricia James

3rd Patricia Moses

Section B. Vines

1st Helen Wallace

2nd Patricia James

3rd Elaine Davidson

Judges comments.

Overall, the photographers are putting more thought into placement, backgrounds and clarity of their subjects.

This month was more difficult in selecting winners, so well done all

March 2017 Winners

Section A: 

1st Elizabeth Hales

2nd Patricia James

3rd. Elizabeth Hales

Section B. 

1st Elizabeth Hales

2nd Elizabeth Hales

3rd Helen Wallace

April 2017 Winners

Section A. Orchids 

1st Elaine Davidson Beautiful photo, nice lighting, flower sharp, well captured.

2nd Patricia Moses Lovely photo, nice lighting, good depth of field delivering a very blurred background, which enhances the orchid.

3rd Helen Wallace Another beautiful orchid, well captured, lovely depth of field, Possibly a little cropping to enhance the flower.

Highly commeded. Patricia Moses Another beautiful orchid, well captured. Lovely lighting and depth of field isolating the flower.

Section B. Art in the Garden

1st. Helen Wallace A very appealing photo incorporating natures art in the form of the wonderful texture of the grandfathers beard.

2nd Monika Stinton Natures art in the garden at its finest. A beautfiul toadstool with the frilly pleated texture. Lighting is good and sharp.

3rd Paul Moses A different interpretation of Art in the Garden. Well seen. This could have been higher in places had the chain been shown.

Highly Commended.

141A: A wonderful example of Art in the Garden. Had the photo been cropped, removing the electricity box and the handing pot on the left hand side, it would have been higher in the placings. The lighting on the watering can is lovely.

May 2017 -Winners
Flowers From Exotic shrubs
First- Patricia James- Nice placement of flower, sharp, good depth field. Item in the left hand corner could have been cropped out.
Second- Karen O'Connor- lovely flower specimen, good depth of field. Would have been better with central flower on head in focus.
Third- Helen Wallace- good composition and depth of field.
First - Elaine Davidson- a lovely ornamental arch, however focus does tend to go towards the ball art.
Second- Paul Moses- a lovely shaped arch formed by the creeper. Cropping the photo to get rid of the right hand distraction and sky, to just concentrate on the large shrub would help draw the eye towards the arch more
Third - Pat Moses- a very appealing photo, although still not an arch.

June 2017 Winners

Section A: Camellias

A lovely selection of camellia blooms. It was hard to select the winners, so well done to all entrants.

1st - Pat Moses
2nd - Paul Moses
3rd - Elizabeth Hales:  beautiful lighting on this bloom

Highly commended: Karen O'Connor:  

Photo Competition rules.

1. The competition months are March to August

2. Entries are to be of photos taken of Queensland subjects.

3. Entries are to be photographed by the competitor

4. Two entries per class for each monthly competition

5. Entries to be digital and sent electronically to email address [email protected]

6. Entries to be labelled with the members membership number.

7. Entries to be received at the end of each calendar month e.g February 28th for the March competition.

8. The decision of the judges is final.

9. Points are awarded by the judges Two points for first, one point for second.

10. By entering photos in the competition, permission is given to use them in the 2018 Calendar