Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

Monthly Photography Competition Buderim Garden Club

1. The competition months are March to August

2. Entries are to be of photos taken of Queensland subjects.

3. Entries are to be photographed by the competitor

4. Two entries per class for each monthly competition

5. Entries to be digital and sent electronically to email address [email protected]

6. Entries to be labelled with the members membership number.

7. Entries to be received at the end of each calendar month e.g February 28th for the March competition.

8. The decision of the judges is final.

9. Points are awarded by the judges Two points for first, one point for second.

10. By entering photos in the competition, permission is given to use them in the 2018 Calendar

topics for 2017


A. Heliconias, gingers and calatheas

B. Roses


A. Art in the Garden

B. Orchids


A. Flowers from an exotic shrub or tree

B. Archway in the garden


A. Camellias

B. Sculpture in a garden setting


A. Flowers from a bulb

B. Garden Bench setting


A. Flower from an Australian Native shrub or tree

B. Flowering vine

2017 Annual Photography Competition Garden Clubs of Australia Inc

There are five categories (of photos taken anywhere in the world)

1. Garden scenes (anywhere around the world

2. Garden visitors (birds, bees, bugs, animals)

3. Abstract image of flowers or foliage

4. Close ups of flowers, foliage or floral/flower arrangements

5. Productive gardens or edible plants (e.g. fruit, vegetables or herbs)

Go to their website you will find it also on the LINKS page. Garden Clubs of Australia Inc and pick up the entry form to see conditions of entry. The deadline closing date is 6th October 2017.