Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club Annual Report for 2017

Presented by President, John Lyon

I present my report to the Buderim Garden Club (BGC) for 2017. The year has been packed with activities and it has been wonderful to see so many new members join our club. We have also been saddened by the death of some of our senior members. Thanks to Noel who keeps the membership records up to date, and Maxina and Steve who welcome new members and visitors.

The BGC Management committee for 2017 has done a wonderful job and I especially would like to thank all the committee on behalf of BGC for their service and dedication during the year, with special thanks going to our hard working secretary Monika and our very efficient treasurer Lesley. Also all the Co-opted members have done a wonderful job during the year, many thanks for your work and dedication to the BGC.

Our general meetings have been well attended (100 members or more on average) and I thank the members for your attendance and support during 2017. At the meetings the Hall Stage/Flowers competition has always looked great, thanks to Shirley and her helpers. The plant sales have had a great variety available for all members, at very reasonable prices.

The high profile guest speakers have been interesting and with lots of enthusiasm and goodies to share with BGC members or for sale.. The members’ talks have well received and interesting. I’d like to thank all the members that have given talks this year, and thanks to Leanne Crowe for organising the great array of speakers.

Edna Walling Garden & Garden Shedders.

These are monthly working bees carried out by dedicated Club Volunteers, at the Edna Walling Garden. Lindsay Robinson and his team of helpers maintain the garden.

The "Garden Shedders" work in the gardens adjacent to the Buderim Memorial Hall and the Colin Campbell Garden area. I’d like to thank all the volunteers who have worked on both these areas during the year.

Our newsletter has again been well received by our members and thank you to Helen Wallace for keeping us informed and educated again for another year.

New Logo, New Permanent Member Badges an BGC Shirts.

This year, the 2017 BGC Management committee with the support of members has updated the BGC Logo (Buderim Banksia). Along with the new logo, the committee has also introduced new permanent name badges, which have also been very well received. Thirdly, a new BGC shirt for members was designed and approx 20 shirts were bought for members to wear at special club functions. Members are also able to purchase a shirt for their personal use.

How lucky are we to have Marjorie Van Roy as the Patron of the Buderim Garden Club? At the August meeting Marjorie presented our life members with their new BGC badges in special recognition of their services to the BGC.



This year we have had a number of interesting and informative workshops, organised by Steve Wikman. The highlight would have been a special escorted tour of Barbara Wick’s garden. Many thanks Steve, for your hard work in organising all of these.


New Members Morning Teas

These are held twice a year to introduce new members to the committee and the various activities of the club. They have been very well attended and special thanks to Kathy, for hosting these at our home.


Bus Tours.

This year our new tour coordinator Karen O’Conner organised 4 great bus trips, with the Christmas in July trip being my highlight of all the great tours. A thoroughly good time was had by all on the bus trip to a Kiels Mountain garden and then on to Flaxton for our lunch at the French restaurant, great meals, then to complete the trip on to a great garden at Woombye. Special thanks to Karen for organising all the bus trips.



BGC Events Attended.

Other great events attended by the BGC were the Australia Day Parade, Anzac Parade, Queensland Garden Expo at Nambour and the Buderim Street Party. The BGC is gaining a bit of a reputation handing out so many plants, particularly the Broms, and people seem genuinely pleased to receive them. I must say a special thanks to those members that supplied plants & helped on the night.
Bev Schouten (Gourlay) did a great job in organising the Foote Sanctuary Concert, which is turning into quite an event at the Foote Sanctuary and is enjoyed by many locals and visitors to Buderim. The BGC stall was well received and thanks to all who helped run the stall and supplied plants.


Garden Festival.

The 2017 BGC Festival is our major event for year. This year, the colour “red” was featured, as exemplified by the red geranium, and the Festival fell within the National Garden Week of October 8th – 14th.

The Festival featured 7 Open Gardens over 6 venues. The Spring Flower Show featured cut flowers, novelty arrangements, hanging baskets, bonsai plants, photographs in the Hall, and adjacent to the Hall there was the annual Quality Plant Markets

Initially, we were not favoured with ideal weather conditions due to a very dry winter & start to spring, but some refreshing rains 2 weeks prior to Festival weekend helped with the quality and presentation of our Flower Competition & Open Gardens.

Then on the Festival weekend the rains came, but apart from low numbers visiting Gardens, the festival was a great success, as comments were very favourable on the standard and variety of the Flower Show and Plant Markets, and all the Open Gardens were very well presented. I’d like to thank all the members who volunteered to help as garden sitters, hall attendants & plant sales assistants and especially all who helped set up & pack up the hall.

Christmas Lunch.

We now all look forward to our final function for 2017, our Christmas Lunch, again being held at Headlands Golf Club. I’d like to thank Lois & Maxina, who are organizing the Function & not to forget Bill & Noel who always help out.

I wish all our members good health and happiness for the coming months.

John Lyon