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Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

2020 President’s Report
Buderim Garden Club Inc

As president of the Buderim Garden Club, I would like to welcome, our members to this the 74th AGM of the Buderim Garden Club and I present the Annual General Report of the Management Committee for 2020.

This year started with packed February and March Monthly meetings, then along came Covid-19 and all of Australia locked down with all activities/events cancelled from April.  Currently we are unable to hold Monthly Meetings due Covid rules (only 70 people allowed in hall). Queensland has recovered well, which has allowed some functions to proceed (details later in report).


BGC had 33 new members join this year, but sadly 3 members - Joan Biddle, Lyn Cheffers and Gordon Harman, passed away. The current membership is 17 life members and 256 ordinary members which makes a total of 273. It has been wonderful to see so many new members join our club during this period.

The BGC Management committee for 2020 has done a wonderful job under trying conditions (Covid-19), and I especially would like to thank all the committee on behalf of BGC for their service and dedication during the year, thanks to 4 retiring members, and a very special thanks going to our hard-working secretary Monika who after 4 years’ service is retiring from committee. Thanks to our very efficient treasurer Vonnie and Vice President John Sargaison who had a very nasty accident setting up the Hall chairs during our February meeting. The good news being that John is well on the way to full recovery and the BWMCA Hall insurance will cover this accident.

Again, all the Co-opted members have done a wonderful job during the year where required, many thanks for your work and dedication to the BGC.


During the initial few months of Covid-19, the BGC produced a Buderim Garden Club - Special Digest (9 additions), which kept members informed and featured the contributions from some of our members. Thanks to our various contributors, your work is much appreciated.  This digest was not easy to put together and I thank our secretary Monika for editing and issuing the great informative digest. 

Our newsletter has also been well received by our members, with format of monthly editions, and thanks to Patricia James for keeping us informed and educated again for another year.

Garden Shedders and Pioneer Cottage/OPO Garden Group.

The "Garden Shedders" work in the gardens adjacent to the Buderim Memorial Hall, on 4th Friday each month, and have continued to carry out this work under Covid-19 rules. I thank Teddy Gove who has been the coordinator of the group this year.

The Pioneer Cottage/Community Gardens group (3rd Monday each month) had been helping volunteers from Pioneer Cottage maintain their gardens, which are now in an outstanding condition. The group has now moved on to restore and maintain the Old Post Office gardens, I thank Leanne Crowe, who is the coordinator of this group.

I’d like to thank all the volunteers who have worked on the above gardens during the year, and the BGC hopes that more members become interested in volunteering.


This year due to Covid-19 the BGC has still been able to hold two workshops organised by Steve Wikman “How to make a concrete birdbath”. Monika, our Secretary, hosted the workshops at her home in Buderim which needed to be split into two workshops due Covid rules. They were very well received by the 60 members who attend.

Maureen and Les Sheargold demonstrated how to make a concrete bird bath from raw materials and of course there were many garden tips offered to improve members gardens.  They kindly donated a completed birdbath, which is being raffled. Thanks to Monika & Rick for opening their garden for the wonderful workshops. Many thanks Steve, for your hard work in organising the workshops. The club made a special presentation to the Sheargolds for their great instruction & information.

Monthly Photographic Competition 

Due to being an online competition our monthly photographic competition was able to proceed. The quality and presentation of the members photographs were outstanding. Our judge commented on the pleasing improvement in photos as the year progressed.

I’d like to thank all the members who took part in the competition, with special thanks to Merryn Jooste, our coordinator for all her hard work making the competition work so well.

New Members Morning Tea

We have had a great response, with 20 new members accepting our invitation on Wednesday 14th August to attend special morning tea (under Covid-19 rules). The Venue being at the Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens.

Bus Tours.

This year all our bus tours had to be cancelled due Covid-19.

Garden Festival.

The Buderim Garden Festival which is our major event for year (Again had to be cancelled due Covid-19).

75th Anniversary – Calendar

Buderim Garden Club will celebrate our 75th Anniversary in 2021. It was founded in 1946 along with the Buderim War Memorial Community Association (BWMCA) as part of the post-war program to continue the involvement of the Buderim Residents in the life of the Buderim community.

The 2020 committee decided to produce a special Souvenir 2021 Calendar to give to all members and for sale to members/public.


This calendar features photos taken by members in the photographic competition in 2019/2020 and interesting information about the BGC over the past 75 years. Special thanks to our photographic coordinator Merryn Jooste for the production of this beautiful calendar.


History Walk (75th Anniversary Project)


Buderim has a long history of agricultural and horticultural activities over the past 75 years.  Next Year the Buderim Garden Club will be celebrating its’ 75th year. To mark this great milestone BGC has submitted a proposal to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to create a History Walk in the park opposite the Memorial Hall. The walk to consist of pathway with Arbour construction (similar to Arbour that BGC paid for at the Maroochy Botanic Gardens).

Along the walkway have history signs/photos outlining the History of Buderim from early days to now.


  1.  A living tribute to the 75 years of members of the Buderim Garden Club
  2. A tourist Feature.
  3. Educational benefit for school children.
  4. An attractive feature of the Park.
  5. A permanent promotion of the History of Buderim.

Funding -

Funding could be provided by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council (Grants). BGC will be willing to donate towards the project as part of our Beautification of Buderim, the 2020 committee has proposed sponsorship up to $10,000 (members approval will be required at the next general meeting when plans are finalised). Also, other organisations will be asked if they wish to support the project (BWMCA, Lions etc.)

Christmas Lunch.

We now all look forward to our final function for 2020, our Christmas Lunch. Dec 3. This year being held at the Buderim Tavern, function room with maximum 80 celebrating members, tickets will be issued (Covid-19 rules).

On behalf of Kathy and myself, I wish all our members good health and happiness for the coming year, which should be a big one, being our 75th Anniversary.

John Lyon