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Buderim Garden Club

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Caring for our Town

The Buderim Garden Club has taken on the task of maintaining and beautifying the grounds about key community assets in Buderim.

These include "The Shedders" who volunteer to care for the gardens around the Memorial Hall who meet every 4th Friday at 3:30pm.

Plus the Community Garden Group who care for the OPO gardens every 3rd Monday 6am in Summer and 6:30 when days get shorter.

Beautification of Buderim

The Buderim Garden Club has donated much in the way of funds and time towards the beautification of Buderim. Visitors to the Mountain wax lyrical about how green and loved Buderim is!

Donations from BGC go to projects for the “Beautification of Buderim”


No records were kept/found from 1946 to 1970 – Money was tight and hard earned during this time in History, but BGC is sure that there would have been donations/voluntary work done towards the beautification of Buderim during this period of time?


For a number of years prior to 1980 the Club donated and planted Callistemon Trees along King Street and Main Street.   In 1988, to celebrate Australia’s Bi-Centenary, 24 Expo Gold Xanthostemons (Gold Penda) were planted in King Street.   In 1986 the Club planted street trees at the top of Burnett Street, and constructed and planted gardens at the newly constructed intersection of Lindsay Road with Main Street.


In 1982, the Club donated $400 to Foote Sanctuary, and $100 towards landscaping the new Buderim Ambulance Station.   Three street seats were donated to the Memorial Hall in 1984.   In 1990, the Club paid $5,000 for the landscaping around the newly renovated War Memorial Hall and in 1995 provided a further $2,000 for additional plants and an automated watering system for the landscaping.   $4,500 was donated to the BWMCA in 1994 for roofing and paving of an area adjacent to the Hall on the Village Green (outside BGC Storeroom).  


In 1993, $5,000 was donated to the Maroochy Shire Council towards the establishment of an Edna walling Memorial Garden at the entrance to Buderim Forest Park.   This Garden was opened in August 1995.   In 1996, to commemorate the Club’s 50th year $5,000 was donated to the Sunshine Coast University towards the establishment of a garden in the Library Precinct.   This has been identified as a gift from the Buderim Garden Club.


In summary, from 1980 to 2001 a total of $20,140 had been donated by BGC towards the “Beautification of Buderim”

List of Donations towards the Beautification of Buderim from 2002



Various donations towards BWMCA other Buderim Gardens $1,500



  1. Grants to Buderim Forest $1740 (Maroochy Council)
  2. Bloomhill garden $555
  3. Wirreanda Park $5000 (Maroochy Council)


Martin’s creek beautification $1606 (Maroochy Council)



Memorial Hall Plants (BWMCA) $750



  1. BWMCA Hall seats repaint $350
  2. Buderim Mountain State School gardens $499


  1. Buderim Scout Hall garden renovation’s $275
  2. Botanic Gardens Arbour $7574 (Maroochy Council)


Botanic garden plaque (arbour) $324 (Maroochy Council)



  1. During this year BGC made a grant of $1,600 to the Buderim Historical society to pay for suitable gates in the three-bar fence around the Pioneer cottage. A plaque on one of the gates acknowledges the gift (BWMCA).
  2. The committee has made "in principle " commitments to contribute to the development of, Buderim community park" and also to bringing back to Buderim the restored Kraus locomotive, which ran on the old Buderim-Palmwoods tramway.


Chevallum State School garden $72



  1. Buderim Foundation $5,000
  2. Memorial Hall (BWMCA) gardens $3,000


The BGC approves the expenditure of $1500 for the construction of a memorial seat and plaque $120, in honour of Colin Campbell our past Patron in park/green near the Memorial Hall.



  1. This year BGC donated $1000 to the BWMCA and Craft Cottage Precinct Project. That area is looking particularly attractive these days and is an asset to Buderim. BGC have spent funds on plants, fertiliser and mulch for the Colin Campbell garden and the gardens around the hall ($250).
  2. BGC made a donation of $250 to Foote Sanctuary to assist with the purchase and planting of new plants after the relocation of the memorial stone to a more user-friendly area for the Remembrance Day ceremony.


  1. BGC major donation in their 70th anniversary year to the beautification of Buderim was a $10, 000 donation to the Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens to go to the further development of their Whipbird Walk Project. The project aims to provide an area with in the gardens where children can explore, discover and respond to what they find. It was the MRBBG 20th Anniversary this year.
  2. Also donated $641 to the BWMCA as a share payment of the concrete path in front of the Colin Campbell seat where the grass had been worn away by pedestrians.


  1. During 2018 the BGC donated $2000 to BWMCA for Buderim tree lighting project (being held up by council red tape).
  2. Foote Sanctuary was given $500 towards tree replacement project.
  3. In conjunction with the Buderim Lions club the BGC gave $1000 towards Chappy Dave’s Garden project @ Buderim Mountain SS, and carried out plantings for the project.
  4. The BGC constructed and planted the new David Edwards memorial garden/seat @ hall. The Men’s Shed, BWMCA, Friends of Buderim & the Buderim Foundation also made contributions towards the project. The BGC Shedder’s group will now maintain this garden.




In the period from 2001 to 2018 a total of $48,356 has been donated by BGC towards the “Beautification of Buderim”, with a whopping grand total of $68,496 cash donated by the Buderim Garden Club into the community to date.