Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

Management Committee for 2019

The new Management Committee for 2019.
From the left:  Cassie, Patricia, Elaine, Leanne, Kim, Jenni, John L, John S,, Lesley, Robin, Vonnie, Monika.
In April, Elaine Davidson resigned from the committee.

2019 Committee members, elected at the Nov 2018 AGM.

Robin Porter, Lesley Doyle, John Sargaison, Vonnie Young, Elaine Davidson, Patricia James, Monika Stinton, Jenni Campbell, John Lyon.

Absent are Cassie Burlington, Kim Bendall and Leanne Crowe.  
Rod Nicholls has been appointed the Gardening Club's Expert.

2018 Photos below:
1st row shows the Greeters of the Club:
Noel Williams & Leanne Crowe: Bill and Lois Van Motman: Steve Wikman, Maxina Williams and John Hankins
2nd row shows the plant sellers:
Rod & Lyn Nichols: Helen Outteridge: Reg Gibson & Erica Burford
3rd row: Afternoon tea co-ordinator Caryll Beck: Tour co-ordinator Karen O'Connor & helper Doreen Matthews:
Treasurer Lesley Doyle & Alan Reid
4th row:
Librarian Helen Wallace and helper Barbara Eberhart: Steve Wikman (multi-talented): Seed Bankers Jan & Ken Evans