Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

May Cut Flower competition

Results of May Competition

Rose: Single Flower  1st Reg Gibson  2nd Reg Gibson

Single Flower 1st   Pam Sheahan 2nd   Ken Evans

Multiple Flower 1st  Reg Gibson  2nd   Steve Wikman

Container of Flowers 1st  Joy Fixter 2nd   Teddy Gove

Flower from a Shrub 1st  Teddy Gove  2nd  Ken Evans

Flower from a vine      1st  Pam Sheahan  2nd  Joy Fixter

Hibiscus 1st  Nev Douglas 2nd  Elizabeth Hales

Stem of a bract          1st Tom Crerar  2nd   Reg Gibson

Rhizomes & Tubers 1st   Elizabeth Hales  2nd   Teddy Gove

Orchid 1st  Elizabeth Hales   2nd  Nev Douglas

Camellia  - 1st Bev Schouten   2nd Sylvia Bow

Azalea  - 1st  Jim Hales   2nd Carol Willis

Bulbs  - 1st Steve Wikman   2nd Steve Wikman

Cut Foliage - Piece or Leaf 1st  Maxina Williams  2nd  Rose Simpson

Flower from a Native 1st   Tom Crerar  2nd  Tom Crerar

Results of April Cut Flower competition

 Rose: Single Flower  1st Reg Gibson  2nd Reg Gibson

Single Flower 1st   Steve Wikman  2nd   Bev Schouten

Multiple Flower 1st  Reg Gibson  2nd   Elizabeth Hales

Container of Flowers 1st  Ken Evans  2nd   Shirley McDonald

Flower from a Shrub 1st  Elizabeth Hales  2nd   Elizabeth Hales 

Flower from a vine      1st  Karen Wikman  2nd  Elizabeth Hales 

Hibiscus 1st  Lesley Doyle  2nd  Lesley Doyle

Stem of a bract          1st Steve Wikman  2nd   Shirley McDonald

Rhizomes & Tubers 1st  Ken Evans   2nd   Joy Fixter

Orchid 1st  Dawn Toth  2nd  Nev Douglas

Camellia  -

Azalea  -

Bulbs  -

Cut Foliage - Piece or Leaf 1st  Joy Fixter  2nd  Maxina Williams

Flower from a Native 1st   Tom Crerar  2nd  Maxina Williams

Instead of having Flower Walkers to parade the winning exhibits, Steve read out the names and Pam, Eunice and Shirley held the flowers aloft.

March 8th Meeting


Rose: Single Flower  1st  Pam Sheahan  2nd  Elaine Davidson

Single Flower 1st   Ken Evans  2nd   Steve Wikman

Multiple Flower 1st   Reg Gibson  2nd   Shirley McDonald

Container of Flowers 1st   Shirley McDonald  2nd  Joy Fixter

Flower from a Shrub 1st  Elizabeth Hales   2nd    Elizabeth Hales  

Flower from a vine    1st   Elizabeth Hales    2nd  Pam Sheahan  

Hibiscus 1st    Elizabeth Hales   2nd    Elizabeth Hales  

Stem of a bract    1st   Shirley McDonald  2nd  Reg Gibson

Rhizomes & Tubers 1st   Ken Evans  2nd   Tom Crerar

Orchid  1st  Nev Douglas  2nd   Bev Schouten

Camellia  -

Azalea -

Bulbs    1st   Carol Willis  2nd Ken Evans

Cut Foliage - Piece or Leaf   1st   Ken Evans  2nd   Maxina Williams

Flower from a Native    1st Shirley McDonald  2nd  Elizabeth Hales

February 2019 Meeting Cut Flower Competition

February 2019 Results:  


Rose: Single Flower  1st Reg Gibson 2nd Steve Wikman

Single Flower   1st  Ken Evans  2nd   Ken Evans

Multiple Flower   1st  Elaine Davidson  2nd   Joy Fixter

Container of Flowers 1st  Ken Evans  2nd   Shirley McDonald

Flower from a Shrub 1st  Reg Gibson 2nd   Elizabeth Hales

Flower from a vine      1st  Joy Fixter  2nd Robert Wilson

Hibiscus   1st Elizabeth Hales   2nd   Jim Hales

Stem of a bract          1st   Jan Evans  2nd   Tom Crerar

Rhizomes & Tubers   1st  Shirley McDonald  2nd Elaine Davidson

Orchid   1st  Nev Douglas   2nd  Nev Douglas

Camellia -

Azalea -

Bulbs   1st  Steve Wikman  2nd Monika Stinton

Cut Foliage – Piece/Leaf   1st   Elaine Davidson  2nd   Elizabeth Hales

Flower from a Native    1st  Elizabeth Hales  2nd  Shirley McDonald

Monthly Cut Flower Competition Rules

Entries are restricted to 2 per member in any Class, with a maximum of 10 entries per member in each monthly competition. Entries must be placed for judging by 1:45 pm.

Class 1.            Single flower (any variety)

Class 2.            Multiple flowers (any varieties)

Class 3.            Container of Flowers

Class 4.           Flower from a shrub (other than a native)

Class 5.            Container of flowers (minimum 6 stems of one variety)

Class 6.           One stem of bract (e.g. bougainvillea, poinsettia)

Class 7.           Special classes are arranged when various varieties are in season, e.g. dahlias, roses, hibiscus, camellias, etc.

Class 8.           Orchids

Class 9.           Cut of foliage, leaf or piece

Class 10.         Flower from a native plant, tree, shrub or vine.

The judges' decisions are final. Points are awarded: 3 for first and 1 for second. Highest aggregate points in Classes 1-10 will be awarded the Buderim Garden Club Perpetual Trophy.

The Edna Walling Perpetual Trophy will be awarded as an encouragement award.

At the November AGM, the  placegetters of the 2018 monthly Cut Flower competitions were announced. 

Elizabeth Hales was presented with her winning trophy by the Cut Flower Co-Ordinator, Shirley McDonald.
First Place: Elizabeth Hales  77 points

Second Place: Ken Evans  55 points

Third Place: Joy Fixter  35 points

Equal 4th Places:  Pam Sheahan and Shirley McDonald

Sixth Place: Steve Wikman  22 points

Encouragement Award: Cassie Burlington