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Buderim Garden Festival 2017 Report

Teddy Gove -  Festival Coordinator

The 2017 Buderim Garden Festival was shaping up to be the best one to date, however we were unfortunate with the weather, with around 120 mm of rain falling over the two day event. On the Wednesday prior to the Festival we read the report that a “Rain Bomb” was predicted, and the Management Committee held an emergency meeting on the Thursday morning to discuss the situation. It was decided that much work, organisation and expense had been undertaken by so many people that the Festival needed to continue despite the weather. We were ready to accept that the return on the Festival would be a disaster.

However despite the frequent torrential rain, we had a substantial profit.

Organisation for the Festival started soon after last year’s AGM with the formation of the Festival Committee and with date claimers being sent out to all Garden Clubs. I would like to thank Bev Schouten for the magnificent job she did with the publicity and advertising of the club resulting in a record number of 12 Group Bookings this year.  Bev is retiring from the Festival Committee and we sincerely thank her for all the effort she has put into the Festival over the last 3 years.


As tickets to Groups were presold it meant that although the number of “locals” was significantly down it was offset by the number of  ”out of town” visitors.

Approximate numbers of tickets to gardens sold

  1. Group tickets                                       = 290
  2. Local tickets                                        = 325
  3. Total no. of tickets sold                       =  615


  1. This does not include the number of $2.00 Hall Only visitors or the 41 individual garden tickets @ $5 each sold.


Our club plant stall did a marvellous job under Shirley McDonald’s stewardship. All those involved with the plant stall need to be congratulated, as despite the weather the stall earned the club a record amount this year. I would like to sincerely thank all those members who donated plants to the plant stall. We were lucky that the rain held off until 11:00 on the Saturday morning allowing for brisk trade at the stalls. Shirley is retiring from the Festival Committee, managing the Quality Plant stalls and as our Club plant stall co-ordinator. We would like to sincerely thank her for all the time and effort that she has put into the Festival over the last 3 years.

Catering for the Festival Cafe was provided in an excellent efficient manner by the Buderim Scouts and earned the club $120 in commission. We introduced a tea and coffee voucher system to more accurately reflect the number of cups our volunteers consumed. This system seemed to work well.

It takes a huge effort on the part of many to stage an event like the Buderim Garden Festival. John Lyon worked tirelessly as Open Garden Convenor and was also responsible for liaising with Council for temporary bus zones and increasing the signage associated with the Open Gardens.  I’d like to thank him for all he has done.

John will be taking over as Festival Coordinator next year and I wish him all the best.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


I’d like to thank John Sargaison for the sterling job he did as Chief Show Steward and all those who assisted him with setting up the hall.
I’d like to thank Elizabeth Hales for improving the photography display and organising the trophies and Robin Porter for all his work setting up and his assistance in all areas  the weekend.

Special mention should go to our secretary Monika for the excellent production of the cards for the prize winners and treasurer Lesley for looking after the money.

Again this year, Peter and Laurel Asimus controlled the movement and parking of buses around the hall. Laurel provided the workers with breakfast on Friday morning, and Caryll Beck baked for the demolition crew on Sunday. Thank you!.   

A special thank you goes to our sponsors Manawee Garden Centre who once again covered the printing cost of $1125 for the Festival tickets,  and Buderim Bendigo Community Bank who sponsored the complimentary garden buses to the value of $1500. Manawee also provided the lovely display of Mandevillas and the vertical garden of red geraniums, which were on display at the front of the hall. Here I also need to thank Steve Wickman and John Lyon for organising  the floral display at the Buderim Bendigo Community Bank for the week prior to the Festival.

 My sincere gratitude to all the companies who donated our raffle prizes, and to David Stark for securing many of the prizes, and all the volunteers who sold the tickets. The raffle raised $1034 which was down from last year due to the lower number of visitors.

The MMM painters group from the craft cottage once again put on a wonderful display in the foyer and we thank Sue Dingle and her group for participating. As in the past the Potters of the Craft Cottage ran their sculpture Garden Exhibition in conjunction with our Festival.

St Marks held their centenary anniversary floral display in the church. We thank them for their added attraction for our Festival.

Overall our Garden Festival can be declared a success. I wish to thank all those on the Management Committee and all the Garden Club members who volunteered their time, participated in competitions and worked so hard in so many ways to make our Buderim Garden Festival the great event that it is.



Open Gardens Report

John Lyon - Open Garden Convenor

As in the past the Open Gardens were selected to showcase the diversity in size and style of gardens in Buderim.  This year we had 7 Open Gardens at 6 venues.

Initially we were not favoured with ideal conditions due to a dry winter and a dry early spring, but refreshing rain 2 weeks prior to the Festival weekend helped with the quality and presentation of our Open Gardens.

The weather on the Festival weekend caused visitor numbers to the gardens to be lower, however comments were very favourable on the standard and variety of the gardens with all presented in peak condition and each offering its own special character. It was very pleasing to have 3 of the gardens owned by Club Members this year, and it was great to have 4 non members offer their gardens as open gardens. The club contributed $250 to each garden owner to help in preparing a colourful display. This was most appreciated by the owners. 

Gardens Address, Owners & Attendance at Gardens.

Garden No 1 - 27 Dunkeld Court. Forest Glen. Hosted by Bill & Suzanne Barrett,  390 Visitors.

Garden No 2 - 23 William Street Buderim. Hosted by Anne Marsh & Tony Millerick (BGC), 269 Visitors.

Garden No 3 - 13 Mayfield Street Buderim. Hosted by Pat & Paul Moses (BGC),  494 Visitors.

Gardens No 4(A & B) - 20 & 22 Quarterdeck Court. Buderim. Hosted by David & Bronwyn Wood/Steve & Ann Young, 333 Visitors.

Garden No 5 - 19 Hardwood Court Buderim. Hosted by Mark & Melissa Howard, 291 Visitors.

Garden No 6 - 140 Karawatha Drive Buderim. Hosted by Joy & Richard Ryan (BGC),  432 Visitors.

All the garden owners are to be congratulated on their outstanding garden presentations under trying conditions, and for the way they went out of their way to provide garden sitters with shelter from the rain.

This year the BGC in conjunction with Sunshine Coast Council (SCC) had Temporary Bus Zones for open gardens (except @ Quarterdeck Court). The SCC arranged the installation of temporary Bus Zone signs which were placed on the Friday before and  taken down on the Monday after. There were no adverse comments on any parking issues over the weekend.

 Finally special thanks must go to all the Buderim Garden Club members who volunteered  as garden sitters over the weekend.  You did a great job in very wet conditions.



Buderim Garden Club 2017 Spring Flower Show Report

John Sargaison - Chief Show Steward

In just seven hours the Buderim Memorial Hall was transformed from an empty hall into a sea of colour and greenery.  This was achieved by a small army of enthusiastic volunteers and by the many members who came along with one or more entries for the show.  I was very impressed that the hall was set-up and ready to take entries in just 1.5 hours due to the hard work of our volunteers who were then treated to a lovely breakfast prepared by more great volunteers. 

This year we had 69 classes in our Show Schedule and we received 480 entries of which around 50% were flowers. Unfortunately we did not receive any entries in Section 10 Children Floral Art design and only one entry from a non-member.

The number of entries received this year was up by 30 on that entered in the 2016 Show.  This was very pleasing given the dry and unseasonably warm weather conditions that we experienced during the months leading up to the Show.  A number of members commented before the Show that they would be struggling to find one worthy entry or would not be submitting as many entries due to the effects of the weather so ending up 480 entries was a great effort by our members. 

Overall the Judges were impressed with the quality of entries and in particular with the quality of the hippeastrum and penta flowers.  The Judges commented that many entries would have been in consideration for a prize if the entrant would have better selected, prepared and displayed their entry such as by selecting the right flower/s to display – fully open or near fully open rather than partially open or and old flower. 

I believe that nearly all aspects of our show this year were an improvement over last year due to the significant efforts of our members.  I will not single out and name individuals to thank as I am sure to miss someone due to the number of people who made a significant contribution.  One area to highlight this was the preparation of the winning prize certificates, selection of trophy winners and allocation of prize monies, post judging and before show opening, which was completed on time and without error.

The poor weather over the week-end did not impact the Flower Show as much as the other “out-door” aspects of our festival.  When the rain came down visitors filled the hall!  Over the week-end our volunteers maintained the show exhibits in a great condition for the benefit of our visitors.  It was very pleasing to hear the many positive comments from our visitors who were suitably impressed with the size and quality of our Show.  This is something that our club should be justly proud.

The official opening of the Show and presentation of prizes was again held at 2pm on Saturday and there were a number of visitors and members present in the hall to witness this.  The State Member for Buderim and Queensland Leader for One Nation, Steve Dickson MP, Marjorie Van Roy (Manawee Plant Nursery), our patron and sponsor and Peter McDonnell (Buderim Bendigo Community Bank) our other major sponsor conducted the opening and presentations.

While there were many positives with the Flower Show this year there were a few opportunities for improvement identified in particular with improving the knowledge of members regarding the selection and staging of show exhibits and the addition of a glossary in the Show Schedule.  The Show Committee will also need to consider the future of the Children’s Floral Art Section due to nil entries this year.

In conclusion I would like to sincerely thank again the army of volunteers that assisted in any way with the running of what was a very successful Flower Show.


Publicity Report

Bev Schouten – Publicity Convenor


Publicity for the 2017 Festival was started at the end of 2016, with a promotional email sent to all QLD garden clubs and also known bus group organisers. Also, the Festival information was put on over 25 websites, which were progressively updated with the Festival flyer when it was created in July.  Consequently, we were very happy to receive bus bookings from 12 groups.

However, since it not only rained but it poured over the weekend, 2 buses did not come. 

Drenched gardeners from as far afield as Banora Pt, Eagelby, Beenleigh, Clayfield-Ascot, Elanora, Cross Country Tours, Gympie, Hibiscus Sippy Downs, the Rose-lovers and QLD Herb Society all arrived! We were all thankful for the rain, and many visitors were delighted with the standard of the displays around the hall.

Printed publicity in the Buderim Chronicle and in Shirley Sinclair’s Daily column was much appreciated, especially when accompanied by photos of our QLD EXPO display, and 2 of the Open Garden owners.

Our Facebook site and 104.9 FM did interviews and community service announcements to spread the word on the social media.
Since one of the Open Gardens was an award winning home, we were delighted when Gardening Clubs of Australia did a feature article on this garden in their  “Our Gardens’ Spring edition.

Your Time magazine again this year featured the Festival.

Many extra signs advertised the location of the Open Gardens and the Festival itself.

 It was disappointing this year to not receive any children’s entries, despite repeated interaction with the school. Last year, there were 18 entries, and John Sargaison created a special “pave” category for the expected children’s entries, but to no avail.

Since the menu provided by the Buderim Scouts was sent to the bus groups, all but one group enjoyed the food provided at the hall (They went to the Tavern). The tables were full of well fed people as the rain poured down outside!

The Buderim Garden Festival is becoming more well known each year, and the date of October 20th and 21st  2018 is already in many diaries.

Photos and videos of the Festival and the Trophy presentation are posted on Facebook and on this website

Stall Holder’s Report

Shirley Mc Donald
This year we have 5 new stallholders making a total of 16.  Unfortunately one of our regulars withdrew 6 weeks prior to the Festival as he was out of water.

Despite the weekend weather all stallholders were in good spirits and most appeared quite happy with their takings.

We did have some damage on Saturday night due to the heavy rain, with 3 tents collapsing from the weight of water, but this was rectified well before opening on Sunday.

E-mails have been received from some congratulating us on our friendliness, professionalism and efficiency in the way the week-end was conducted.

Our own Club stall broke records by taking approx.. $2400.00 which is $500.00 up on last year. Sincere thanks to all of you who donated plants which were of high quality.  Every year we are seeing an improvement here.

My special thanks to all those who worked on our stall under adverse conditions, and especially to Steve and Monika who worked tirelessly in pouring rain to keep the stall supplied from our storeroom.           

At the end of the reading of Teddy's Festival Report at the AGM, Bev listed many of the tasks for which Teddy was responsible eg liaising with the Sponsors, with the Scouts Festival Cafe and creating their sign, with the mini buses, wrapping raffle prizes, the mammoth job of editing the Festival tickets and flyers, the Rosters, the distribution of tickets.  She made sure that everything ran smoothly, and the audience fully endorsed these sentiments with acclaim.