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Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

September 2021 Cut FLower Competition .


Rose: Single Flower              1st    Eunice Warden        2nd  Reg Gibson

Single Flower                       1st    Steve Wikman        2nd    Ken Evnas

Multiple Flower                   1st   Teddy Gove              2nd   Robert Wilson

Container of Flowers            1st   Ken Evans                2nd    Elizabeth Hales

Flower from a Shrub            1st    Ken Evans               2nd   Ken Evans

Flower from a Vine              1st    Joy Fixter                2nd   Mike Kelly

Hibiscus                               1st    Elizabeth Hales        2nd   Jim Hales

Stem of a bract                     1st    Steve Wikman         2nd    Teddy Gove

Rhizomes & Tubers              1st     Steve Wikman         2nd   Joy Fixter

Orchid                                 1st     Pam Sheahan          2nd    Nev Douglas

Camelia                                1st    Teddy Gove             2nd   Ken Evans

Bulbs                                    1st     Elizabeth Hales       2nd    Mike Kelly

Cut Foliage - or Leaf             1st    Teddy Gove             2nd    Teddy Gove

Flower from a Native            1st    Tom Crerar             2nd    E;izabeth Hales

There was no competition in August, since we celebrated our 75 year
Anniversary at our lunch on 16th August 

Cut Flower and Foliage Competition July 9th 2021


Rose: Single Flower              1st   Reg Gibson                         2nd  Reg Gibson

Single Flower                       1st                                            2nd   

Multiple Flower                   1st   Steve Wikman                    2nd   Carole Willi

Container of Flowers            1st  Ken Evans                           2nd    Ken Evans

Flower from a Shrub            1st    Teddy Gove                       2nd   Teddy Gove

Hibiscus                               1st    Jim Hales                          2nd   Elizabeth Hales

Stem of a bract                     1st   Ken Evans                          2nd   Steve Wikman

Rhizomes & Tubers              1st   Tom Crerar                         2nd   Tom Crerar

Orchid                                 1st    Nev Douglas                      2nd    Nev Douglas  

Camelia                                1st    Carole Willis                     2nd    Carole Willis

Bulbs                                    1st     Elizabeth Hales                 2nd    Robert Wilson

Cut Foliage - or Leaf             1st    Steve Wikman                   2nd    Steve Wikman 

Flower from a Native            1st    Tom Crerar                       2nd    Elizabeth Hales  


Competition months are February to October.  Entries are restricted to 2 per member in any Class, with a maximum of 10 entries per member in each monthly competition.  Entries must be placed for judging before 1.45 p.m
Helpers are on hand to assist members in preparing exhibits, please ask.


1.  Rose: Single stem 

2. Single Flower (any variety)

3. Multiple Flower (any variety)

4. Container of Flowers (minimum 6 stems, 1 variety)

5. Flower from a Shrub (other than a native)

6. Flower from a vine      (other than a native)

7. One Stem of a bract  (e.g. bougainvillea, poinsettia)

8. Rhizomes & Tubers

9. Orchids

10. Cut of Foliage,  Piece or Leaf

11. Flower from a Native plant, tree or shrub

12. Class for camellias, azaleas, bulbs and hibiscus when in season

If there is only 1 entry in a particular section, it will be placed in another appropriate section at the discretion of the table manager. 
The judges’ decisions are final.  Points are awarded:
  3 for First and 1 for Second.

Highest aggregate points in Classes 1-10 will be awarded the Buderim Garden Club Perpetual Trophy, at the AGM. 
An encouragement trophy is also presented.

Cut Flower and Foliage Competition June 11th 2021


Rose: Single Flower            1st  Reg Gibson                         2nd  Mike Kelly

Single Flower                     1st   Carole Willis                     2nd   Carole Willis

Multiple Flower                 1st Elizabeth Hales                    2nd   Robert Wilson

Container of Flowers          1st Ken Evans                           2nd    Carole Willis

Flower from a Shrub           1st  Teddy Gove                       2nd   Jim Hales

Hibiscus                              1st Elizabeth Hales                   2nd   Teddy Gove

Stem of a bract                    1st Nev Douglas                       2nd   Rose Simpson

Rhizomes & Tubers              1st  Ron Gove                          2nd   Ken Evans

Orchid                                 1st    Mike Kelly                       2nd   Nev Douglas  

Camelia                               1st Eunice Worden                   2nd   Ken Evans

Cut Foliage - or Leaf            1st Teddy Gove                        2nd   Tom Crerar 

Flower from a Native           1st    Robert Wilson                 2nd   Teddy Gove  

Cut Flower and Foliage Competition May 14th 2021

Probably due to the fierce storm during the week, there weren't many exhibits on the competition table this meeting.
It was great to see the camelia entries this month, but we missed the colourful hibiscus and azalia entries

Results for May 2021 Competition

Rose: Single Flower  1st Steve Wikman   2nd Reg Gibson

Single Flower 1st   Steve Wikman   2nd    Carole Willis

Multiple Flower 1st Ken Evans   2nd   Tom Crerar

Container of Flowers 1st Teddy Gove    2nd     Ken Evans

Flower from a Shrub 1st    Cammie Pettiford   2nd   Teddy Gove

Stem of a bract          1st Tom Crerar   2nd   Kim Bendall

Rhizomes & Tubers 1st Ken Evans   2nd   Cammie Pettiford

Orchid 1st   Nev Douglas  2nd  Ken Evans

Camelia   1st Eunice Worden    2nd  Carole Willis

Bulbs  -1st   Steve Wikman  2nd  Steve Wikman

Cut Foliage - Piece or Leaf   1st Teddy Gove  2nd    Kim Bendall 

Flower from a Native 1st    Tom Crerar   2nd  Tom Crerar

Cut Flower and Foliage Competition April 9th 2021

There was a great display of very colourful, quality exhibits this month, giving the judges a hard time picking winners.

Flower Competition Results ---April 

Cut Flower and Foliage Competition, March 12th 2021.

There weren't as many cut flowers in this competition this month, but the quality of the entries compensated for this!

Cut Flower and Foliage Competition, February 2021.

The display table was crammed full of magnificent flowers and foliage. Eunice Worden is the new Co-Ordinator, and she was ably assisted by the retiring Co-Ordinator Shirley McDonald,  Pam Sheehan and Lynette Valentine. Steve Wikman announced the results.

February 2021 Results

Rose: Single Flower  1st Teddy Gove  2nd Ron Gove

Single Flower 1st   Steve Wikman 2nd   Jan Evans
Multiple Flower 1st Elizabeth Hales    2nd   Reg Gibson

Container of Flowers 1st Ken Evans  2nd   Barbara Watson

Flower from a Shrub 1st  Elizabeth Hales  2nd   Bev Schouten

Flower from a vine      1st Steve Wikman     2nd  Steve Wikman    

Hibiscus 1st  Elizabeth Hales  2nd  Elizabeth Hales 

Stem of a bract          1st Elizabeth Hales  2nd   Ken Evans

Rhizomes & Tubers 1st Reg Gibson   2nd   Reg Gibson

Orchid 1st  Bev Schouten 2nd Barbara Watson

Bulbs  -1st   Steve Wikman  2nd  Teddy Gove

Cut Foliage - Piece or Leaf 1st Teddy Gove  2nd  Elizabeth Hales 

Flower from a Native 1st  Robert Wilson  2nd  Teddy Gove

Here are some photos of Flowers which we would have liked to enter in this competition in 2020.

Blooms from Elizabeth Hales' garden. No wonder she normally wins many prizes.

  Julie Bidwell's anthuriums and bat flower.   WOW!

Nev's Cattleya Orchid
(Golden Reign " Pelican")

Some more photos of a dahlia, orchids and hibiscus