Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

Notes from Meeting 10 Feb 2023

After the formalities of the AGM, we had our first monthly meeting with our new committee. Welcome Mike Sax who replaces John Sargaison as our vice president. Elizabeth Ritchie and returning committee member Vonnie Young. John gave lots of thanks to all who work so hard to make the club it is. The new committee were welcomed to the stage and photographed. Those leaving were thanked and given a gift for their service. Maureen thanked John our President for all the stirling work he does for our club. 

Today 115 attendees were greeted at the door by familiar faces Cassie and Geoff Burlington. Cassie helps as a wonderful hostess orientating new members to our hall layout. She also read out about this month’s lucky door prize (– Mandevilla Summerstar - Pink) and the plant of the month. (Mandevilla Diamantina sanderi – Jade white) The Plant of the month is donated by Manawee Nursery, Marjory Van der Wee is our patron – In August she comes to give us a talk. 

We had 10 visitors and new members (5) who were met at the hall’s entrance by Mike Kelly, Nev and Geoff Cole. Thirty-five apologised in advance.

Reg Gibson had his flower stall. Carol and JoJo ran the member’s plant stall. Members can bring along plants for sale and a percentage of the sale goes to the club. Please ask for details if interested. 

Thank you to Maureen and Ruth for running the raffle. 

We are looking for someone to take over as our coordinator for our bus tours so if anyone is interested, please give our President a call on: 0477611819

Anne and John Leach on Treasurer’s table taking membership fees. Thank you John for carrying on so well even during your recent spell of ill health. 

Thank you, Helen, for manning our library and Ken for the wonderful honey and free seed bank.


Nita Lester – Professor, Botanist and artist gave a light hearted informative talk with pictures of her Garden Experiences. She started off her talk with a wonderful Chinese quote _ “If you want to be happy for a week, get a husband. If you want to be happy for a year, get a pig. If you want to be happy for a lifetime – PLANT A GARDEN” How true and judging by all of our attendees at our first meeting who were happy to be back with their gardening friends – we have done just that. She took us all over the world with her interesting examples of her garden experiences. From the Salt Lake in Bolivia, suburbs in Maine USA, mazes in Vienna, small verandas in Buenos Areas to tiny colourful pots of colour in Lisbon and no maintenance gardens in Newfoundland. Nita says the garden is a free restaurant for birds and bees and us. Even barnacles on a Monitor grazing on rocks on the Galapagos Islands – we see the food chain all about us. It’s up to us to keep the balance of nature in harmony and in return we’ll be happy for planting a garden. Wonderful! 

John Lyon gave us a run down of where our Arbour project is up to and showed us pictures of it in its final stages. He says he often sees parents sitting in the shade whilst watching their children play in the new play area. It will be even cooler when the foliage has become established. He showed us pictures of the foliage and history boards which will be established soon. It’s hard to believe how long it took to now and how the cost blew out with Covid and shortage of construction materials  causing costlier supply problems. Well done everyone – this is Buderim Garden Club giving to the community which is our philosophy.

Competition table was managed by Eunice. Pam and Lyn. Steve and Eunice will be partnered as Chief Stewards for the October festival in place of John Sargaison. Congratulations for stepping into the BIG SHOES. Steve gave us a talk about an orchid he resurrected and now has shoots along with a swamp orchid he found growing in a bottle which was shown around the floor. His hot tip of the day was if you want to strike a cane begonia cut 2 segments below its flower.

 Marion our photographic coordinator was thrilled to receive 67 entries for this month’s topic – close up of a flower. The judge reminds us that its best to have the flower the centre of attention with no distractions. This month points went to: - 1st was John Sargiason, 2nd John Lyon and 3rd Liz Hales.  Next month the topic is “A Garden Scene” and don’t forget those leading lines that our eyes follow to add interest. Closing date 28th February. Thank you to Marion for sending a congratulations card to the Local Photography club Caloundra Camera Group – article on noticeboard. Now known as Sunshine Coast photography club and recently celebrated 25th anniversary Est 1977.

Don’t forget to register your interest for the Toowoomba festival to secretary@buderimgardenclub.com by 27th February. If you are happy to share it would save you the single room supplement, remember. We need 25 as a minimum and a deposit $100 will be needed to secure your interest.  Full fee is required by 30th July and we can refund 7 days prior to your trip. 

EVENTS read out and pinned to notice board next to Helen - Librarian – take a look next time. 

February19th one day pop up sale 10-3pm tropical foliage plant sale – Birkdale sports club gold coin donation 


4/5 March – 9-3pm National Palm & Cycad show complimentary tix for 2 members Mount Coot-tha, Botanic gdns $4

Sat 18th 9-12 or 1-4p, m $30 registration email janetflanigan4@bigpond.com Coucals Orchid Workshop 


Sat 11th 8-4pm Sunday 12th March 8-1pm Brom and tropicals show and sales at Belmont shooting complex $4 1485 Old Cleveland Road, Belmont

Sat 15th 10-3pm/Sun16th 9-3 pm Brisbane Botanic Gardens QCA Plant and floral spectacular $4 

Matthew Middleton our native bee man who visited us last year has produced a children’s Book Princess and the Boy $20 – go to Beezotted website.

Our Autumn Garden and wildlife subscription magazines are with Helen, Librarian. They are for your use to borrow and enjoy.

Raffles drawn, Shedders and OPO community garden group were mentioned before we all enjoyed our afternoon tea. 

Look forward to seeing you all again on 10 March 

TIP: Costa from Gardening Australia says what to plant this weekend 17th Feb for the subtropical zone – plant Broccoli, Cauliflower, lettuce and sweetcorn.  Happy days!!!