Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

The first Buderim Garden Club meeting for 2021 will be held on Friday 12th February, when the speaker will be Sue Fingleton from Nambour Floral Art group.   Please make sure you wear your name badge so we can greet and remember who you are!  The usual (prior to Covid) procedures will occur - at long last.
2021 will be a big year as we celebrate our 75 years anniversary. A calendar has been produced to start the celebrations, and all members were given one at the end of 2020.  
Due to the absence of meeting from March 2020, all membership fees will carry through to the 2021 AGM.

Friday 13th March 2020 Meeting

Our Guest speaker, Ann Sutherland from the S.C. Council gave a very interesting talk on the families that have lived in the heritage listed Bankfoot House.  The initial family (with 10 children) and the 2 descendant families demolished quite a few different structures and built the current homestead.  The existing plants have been self seeded from the original flora.  The House is open at no charge to the public  and would be well worth a visit.

Our Club member Yves Daniel  (Danny) told us it was time to mulch in this current wet time and gave tips on lawn grubs and other garden pests , nut grass eradication and finished with a couple of jokes.

Photos above:  Joy Goulding won the Lucky Door prize (an orchid), the Manawee plant of the month (a dwarf frangipani called Cherry Clusters) and Geoff Cole in charge of New Members registrations.

Below is Danny,  Monika  and Steve.

Friday 14th February 2020 Meeting

At this meeting,  there were 143 attendees which included 13 visitors and 10 new members.
Our guest speaker Narelle Roberts from the S.C. Council gave us a most interesting talk on Verge Gardens. She outlined the size requirements for plants that are planted on the verges, the main criteria being no plants or rocks close to the road, no restriction of views of roads or driveways, and most importantly, the posties have the right to go over our lawns in a footpath area. Garden creations in this area require a non refundable fee and then an annual fee - usually this is prohibitive.

 Our “Three Amigos”, Steve, Ken and Robyn,  delighted us as usual with their answers to our questions.  Steve also gave much information from Mr Google. He also still likes to squash catapillars rather than use a harmful spray. Questions included how to best transplant a native. One answer was it's better to buy a new one, another answer, yes, it can be done - if trunk is 2 cms in diameter, then cut to a root spread diameter of 9 times i.e 18cms. Activities that should be done now were discussed, especially when to prune specific plants.  It was most informative as well as entertaining.

The BGC Management committee for year 2019 - 2020.

The BGC Management committee for year 2019 - 2020.
President John Lyon, Treasurer Vonnie Young, Kim Bendall, Cassie Burlington, Leanne Crowe, new member Mike Kelly replacing Jenni Campbell, Merryn Jooste, John Sargaison and seated Monika Stinton. Absent from photo Robin Porter and Patricia James.
2019 Co-opted helpers:
President John Lyon with Honarary Life members below:
Laurel and Peter Asimus, Reg Gibson, Rita Eaton, Barbara Sherstone, Shirley and Stuart Wallace,
Marjorie Van Roy, Robin Porter.