Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

Sadly, the BGC activities planned for the next month are now cancelled.

This involves the Workshop planned for Wed. 25th, the new members' morning tea and the Train trip on April 2nd.

There is no meeting on Easter Friday 10th April

Friday 13th March 2020 Meeting

Our Guest speaker, Ann Sutherland from the S.C. Council gave a very interesting talk on the families that have lived in the heritage listed Bankfoot House.  The initial family (with 10 children) and the 2 descendant families demolished quite a few different structures and built the current homestead.  The existing plants have been self seeded from the original flora.  The House is open at no charge to the public  and would be well worth a visit.

Our Club member Yves Daniel  (Danny) told us it was time to mulch in this current wet time and gave tips on lawn grubs and other garden pests , nut grass eradication and finished with a couple of jokes.

Remember Steve's workshop on Wednesday 25th March, and Karen's Train Trip on 2nd April (see details under the headings above)

NOTE:  There is no meeting in April as it falls on Easter Friday, and the Hall is not available on other Fridays in April.

Photos above:  Joy Goulding won the Lucky Door prize (an orchid), the Manawee plant of the month (a dwarf frangipani called Cherry Clusters) and Geoff Cole in charge of New Members registrations.

Below is Danny,  Monika  and Steve.

Friday 14th February 2020 Meeting

At this meeting,  there were 143 attendees which included 13 visitors and 10 new members.
Our guest speaker Narelle Roberts from the S.C. Council gave us a most interesting talk on Verge Gardens. She outlined the size requirements for plants that are planted on the verges, the main criteria being no plants or rocks close to the road, no restriction of views of roads or driveways, and most importantly, the posties have the right to go over our lawns in a footpath area. Garden creations in this area require a non refundable fee and then an annual fee - usually this is prohibitive.

 Our “Three Amigos”, Steve, Ken and Robyn,  delighted us as usual with their answers to our questions.  Steve also gave much information from Mr Google. He also still likes to squash catapillars rather than use a harmful spray. Questions included how to best transplant a native. One answer was it's better to buy a new one, another answer, yes, it can be done - if trunk is 2 cms in diameter, then cut to a root spread diameter of 9 times i.e 18cms. Activities that should be done now were discussed, especially when to prune specific plants.  It was most informative as well as entertaining.

November 8th: Annual General Meeting

Manawee Nurdery supplied a magnificent Lucky Door Prize (an orchid) and the plant of the month (an alocasia) which were beautifully wrapped and greatly appreciated by winners.
During the meeting, donations were accepted for the Animal Resource Collection, and these will be marched by the BGC.  (The box was very heavy, so many people gave for this worthy cause.)

The BGC Management committee for year 2019 - 2020.
President John Lyon, Treasurer Vonnie Young, Kim Bendall, Cassie Burlington, Leanne Crowe, new member Mike Kelly replacing Jenni Campbell, Merryn Jooste, John Sargaison and seated Monika Stinton. Absent from photo Robin Porter and Patricia James.
The Annual President and Financial Reports were given, and are readable under the heading NEWS above. 
Also the Festival Reports, which are readable under the heading Festival above.
This year we have welcomed 50 new members to bring our membership number up to 291.

Noel Stallard lived up to his reputation as one of the best Bush Poet in Australia - as a writer, as a performer, as a judge.

Most people will also remember his "Lipstick on the mirror" and the "Washing Line" performance, and "Bush Christening" , as well as his moving war poem.  Noel proudly showed his OAM award for service to literature.

His re-enactment of "The man from Snowy River was most entertaining with the help of 3 "volunteers" - Bev, Steve and Mike (see photos below)

Lucky Door Prize and Manawee's Plant of the month were won along with 6 boxes of assorted plants left over from the Festival.
A quick Fire Drill took place at the close of the meeting

October 11th 2019 meeting

Our guest speaker was  Darryl Baptie from Camellia Glen Nursery,  as featured in the above photo with his wife Sue. 
He gave a most informative, humorous talk about the basic sasanqua, japonica and hybrid varieties that vary in leaf size, growing patterns, climate and acid soil preferences.

The Camellia Glen Nursery was established in 1994, and is renowned for their extensive range of Camellia varieties. They are scaling down their activities, but still offer quality plants for sale.

Steve Wikman and John Sargaison demonstrated presentation and procedures for competition entries for our Flower show at the festival.

Manawee Plant Month - October:   Hydrangea Macrophylla

Hydrangea are considered one of the most recognisable plants around the world. They come in a range of colours, but predominately fall into groups of blue, white or pink.

These forms are native to Japan and will grow approx. 2m x 1.5m, when fully developed. They require protection from our fierce summer sun and a well-drained soil. This makes them perfect pot specimens, or for a shaded spot in the garden.

 Hydrangea are deciduous, meaning they are dormant over the winter months. In fact, it is this dormancy which allows the plant to store energy, in order to produce flowers. They flower from October through to December.

Feed regularly through Spring, Summer and Autumn using a good quality, flower promoting fertiliser. Keep moist through summer, but allow to dry out over winter. They respond well to pruning, after flowering, to promote a bushy growth

 The Lucky Door prize was a beautiful Peace Lily

September 13th Meeting

Guest Speaker, Sue Keal (on the right in the photo) from The Sunshine Coast Council talked about the different roles she undertakes at the Council's Caloundra Nursery, ranging from sourcing plants and ensuring they are disease and weed free, propagating small to mature trees for rate-payers and their verges, checking on tree maintenance and planting shade trees where possible - and more!
She was accompanied by 2 equally charming young ladies.

Jim Hales gave the Club member's talk on "Wicking Beds" with an excellent power point show and demonstrated how to make them. His bed of lettuces (complete with the marigold insect repellent plants) was proof that his system works.

The Lucky Door Prize was a magnificent pink digiplexis (foxglove) , and the donated Manawee Plant of the Month was a heat resistant azalea.
There were 117 attendees, 6 visitors and 18 apologies.

August 9th 2019Meeting

Our patron Marjorie Van Roy  proved to be very informative with her suggestions to prepare one's soils in these cooler months so that plants can survive our hot summers. She advised on adding lime to clay soils, watering thoroughly only twice a week, plants that are suitable for hedges, "layering" and giving colour to your garden, care of lawns and coping with lawn grubs, and much more. 

Since it was also a Buderim Friendship meeting,  representatives of 16 S.C. Garden Clubs enjoyed the day too. They certainly had delicious food both before and after the meeting!
Photos of the Garden Club representatives having their welcoming morning tea are displayed under the Albums heading above

Club member Nev Douglas shared his expertise in growing orchids - north facing, controlled temperature, good drainage, don't overwater, spagman(?) moss.
He wins many prizes in the orchid section of our Cut Flower Competition, and his slides showed many magnificent displays of his orchids.
Manawee continues to supply wonderful plants - the donation of the Plant of the Month (a beautiful grevillea),
the raffle prizes and the Lucky Door Prize..

JULY 12th meeting

July's Guest speaker was Caz Owens, who gave a most entertaining, friendly and informative talk about her life on her edible rose farm. 

Caz has been growing chemically free edible roses on her Eudlo rose farm for 12 years. We all smelt the wonderful perfume from one of her roses, and a few people nibbled some petals.  Of great interest was her use of diluted molasses, and also full cream milk to ward off meely bugs. Amongst the roses, many different flowering plants are grown and bees and birds happily assist in the growth of the blooms, naturally.

Jenni Campbell gave the member's talk with lots of slides of her trip to China. She emphasised that despite heavy air pollution, the streets had healthy plant borders. Bonsai plants are still being created, and old ornamental gardens are now open to the public. Another entertaining talk, especially when she demonstrated how to say "Hello" in mandarin!
Photo shows Caz with Jenni  (the guest speaker co-ordinator) and president John Lyon.

Manawee nursery, as usual, provided a magnificent pot plant for our raffle, which was drawn by Cassie and Joy.

June 14th Meeting - Geoff Robinson

Butterflies and native plants.
Geoff Robinson was the speaker for the June meeting. He talked about the different locations of butterflies and how they were dependent on specific plants for their life cycle. Via his ipad, he showed examples of butterflies, and showed some plants that he encouraged people to buy to increase the butterfly population here on the coast.

May 10th 2019 Meeting

Carmel Browne spoke about the very popular Begonia plants, their soil requirements, and how easy they are to grow and reproduce just from their leaves. The "Volunteer" variety was passed around, which showed new plants forming on each leaf of the parent plant.
Carmel brought many begonias which were sold to many people.
The expert panel of Steve Wikman, Monika Stinton and John Sargaison answered questions on scale, bugs, soil pH, preparing the soil and rotating plants. Monika  chatted about her chooks, and how she uses their droppings for her compost. The eggs are also good.

Cassie presented the Lucky Door Prize, Erica detailed Manawee's flower of the month, and Maxina called the raffle winners.
The display tables at the front of the hall were brimming with magnificent cut flowers - excellent quantity and quality, making the judges task very difficult.  See some photos and the results under the Cut Flowers heading above.
There are currently 259 financial members, and 13 new members attended the welcome morning tea in March.

Merryn Jooste is now the Co-Ordinator of the monthly Photo Competition and the Festival Photo competition. She's also volunteered to look after the White Board (for members to list plants and sundry items to swap), and also to go on the Management Committee.  Wow! We welcome Merryn with open arms!
Steve Wikman summarised the recent workshop at Caryll Beck's place, and announced the next one will be at Elizabeth and Jim Hales house and (steep) garden on Tuesday 18th June. Elizabeth wins many prizes with the wonderful blooms she picks from her extensive garden, which is worth seeing. Diarise this date.  Details and names will be taken at the June 14th meeting.

April 12th Meeting

Jason Vella spoke about the very diverse products of the Eco-Organic Garden brand, which has solutions for killing unwanted bugs (mainly by stopping the reproduction cycle), unwanted grasses, and promoting the growth and well being of plants and gardens.  
Their very affordable products are available at our local Manawee garden centre.    
Jason recommended The Garden Guardians book as a source of management of problems in gardens.
Check out the Eco-Organic Garden range on www.ecoorganicgarden.com.au
The above photo shows our guest speaker co-ordinator, Jenni Campbell, and president John Lyon posing with Jason and some Eco products.

Our second speaker was John Northey, a police officer from  Scamwatch, the Office of Fair Trading.
His talk was enlightening as well as scary as he described the conditions relating to the return of goods, illegal store signs, and the different types of scams that are based on love (generally women fall for these), easy money (that's usually the men), greed, and  computer hacking etc.

Both speakers were very informative, with excellent pps displays, and their topics kept the audience attentive, even when they went over their time limit - I don't think anyone minded!
Below photos, show Cassie presenting the Lucky Door prize, Maxina announcing the raffle winners and Erica with John displaying the Plant of the month (a magnificent begonia).
Cut Flower and Photo competition results, tours, workshops are shown separately from the headings above.

March 8th 2019 Meeting

The Buderim Hall was packed for March's meeting, with 13 visitors and 10 apologies.
Elaine Davidson, the photo competition co-ordinator told how she and the judge were delighted with the 72 entries in the new format for this competition. Check out the report, under "Photo Comp" above.
The bus trip to Government house was noted (see photo under "Tours" above.)
Manawee Nursery provided the Lucky Door prize and they have announced that they'll spend $2,000 promoting their sponsorship of the October Buderim Garden Festival.
Maxina called the lucky Raffle Prize winners to select their prizes.
Roslyn Leslie of WILVOS  gave a most interesting, entertaining and informative talk about her role as the Community Awareness Officer of WILVOS. She displayed the pouches, ice cream containers, warm water-filled cask bladders etc that are used when an injured animal is rescued. We learnt to look for a 2nd ring tail possum baby in a dead mother's pouch,  that hurt baby birds are best looked after by their parents, don't feed any wild life, and very importantly to keep domestic pets locked up at night  .... and much more!

The Wilvos 24 Hr. Rescue Hotline is 07 5441 6200

Rosemary Simmons is a new Garden Club member who  talked about moving plants from different climates to this sub tropical area.

She has certainly moved around - from Brisbane to acreage at Pine RIvers, to Maleny (where she was involved in the start up of Maleny's "Gardening on the Edge") to the cool climate of Olinda, to Bowral to other places to eventually settle up here.

February 8th 2019 meeting report

The Buderim Memorial Hall was packed for the first meeting in 2019 on February 8th.

 Wendy Skelton of "Just Geraniums" gave a most interesting talk about the different types of geranium - true, ivies, zonal, scented and the old fashioned pelargoniums.   This was a most professional presentation and most enjoyable.

Some members even said this was "one of the best" talks that we've had, and there were many questions from the audience that Wendy enlightened us with in excellent answers. 

Wendy's details:       Ph:  0411 662 782

Web:  http://justgeraniums.weebly.com

Facebook:   www.facebook.com/justgeraniums 

Gardens: 39 Berlin Road Mount Berryman 6am – 6pm/ 7 days    Over 400 plants for sale.  

Book in to view the geranium gardens

Workshop or talk for a garden club: justgeraniums@outlook.com

Wendy is pictured below with committee member Elaine Davidson.

Our Expert Gardening Panel of Ken Evans, Robin Porter and Steve Dickson, again impressed and also entertained the audience.

Steve spoke at length from his notes about Garden and Lawn Maintenance in the hot summer weather, with Ken and Robin adding more information.

Steve also announced an upcoming Workshop. Details TBA.

  • Shedders meet Friday 3pm on 4th week month - Need new volunteers
  • Newsletter - members who can’t print their own to take a copy.
  • New Group – Pioneer Cottage, meets 1st Wednesday month 9 to 11am
2019 Co-opted helpers:
President John Lyon with Honarary Life members below:
Laurel and Peter Asimus, Reg Gibson, Rita Eaton, Barbara Sherstone, Shirley and Stuart Wallace,
Marjorie Van Roy, Robin Porter.