Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

*** The BWMCA organisation is funding a memorial seat in honour of David Edwards, who was a long time member of that organisation (mainly as the Treasurer) and the Buderim Foundation (for which he donated many, many bottles of superb wine for their raffles).
He was very community minded - helping with sound projects for Anzac Day and hall activities and generally where help was needed.
This seat is now established outside the Buderim Memorial Hall, facing towards the Village Park, and is surrounded by a garden which was created and will be maintained by the Buderim Garden Club's Shedders group. This seat will be dedicated to David's memory following the BWMCA's AGM on Sunday 25th November.   See photos in the Photo gallery.

The Buderim Garden Festival 20th & 21st October.

***There have been very positive reports about the Buderim Garden Festival, and how lucky we were with the weather. The rain cleared up on the Friday after 2 weeks of rain, and despite this rain, the Buderim Hall was a maze of colourful blooms and plants.
Then there was a lovely clear day on the Saturday and most of Sunday, and the thunderstorm which came at 4:00 pm was just after all things were packed away. It was a sunny, successful weekend – the opposite to last year’s torrential rain!
Many thanks are due to the Garden Club members who contributed and made this happen.
Special thanks to John Lyon as the co-ordinator, John Sargaison as the Chief Steward, and Monika Stinton as the general run-around-fixer-of-problems.
There were record entries in the hall's Decorated Shoe section, and the children’s Small World Gardens at Milford Lodge.
Patricia Moses has posted many wonderful videos of the Festival events on Facebook. Check these out under the FB & Links window above.

Festival Photos are featured on the Photos window (see label on ribbon above).

A full Festival report by John Lyon and John Sargaison is now on this website under the heading Festival

We especially thank our two Festival sponsors: the Buderim Bendigo Community Bank who have sponsored the small buses for transporting people between the gardens (2 on Saturday, and 1 on Sunday), and our local Manawee Plant Centre for the Festival ticketing costs, a beautiful raffle plant and the display on the hall stage.

Below is a photo of some of the winners and their trophies, taken at the Presentation ceremony on Sunday 21st, with presenters Ted O'Brien, Peter Macdonnell and Marjorie van Roy

John Saragaison judged the Small World Gardens at Milford Lodge.

There were many delightful creations provided by young children.

See more photos under the Photo heading above.

*** Put the date of Friday 7th December in your 2018 diary.  That's when we get together for our Christmas luncheon at the Headland Golf Club.

 *** The 2018 photo competition winners may be viewed under the headings of Meetings then Photo Comp above.
Elizabeth Hales has organised the 2019 calendar from the submitted photos, and this is available for $10, as well as the  Gardens of Buderim Book for $22.00.

*** The Edna Walling annual breakfast was enjoyed by a group of approximately 20 members on 21st August.  This group has been ably led by Lindsay Robertson since 2006 and his efforts were acknowledged, and his resignation sadly accepted.  But this was a celebration of many happy hours of working to support the ideals of Edna Walling!

Edna was a widely acclaimed landscape gardener who spent the last six years of her life in Buderim and left her imprint on the town. This year marked the 45th anniversary of her passing so we invited Sue Pitt, a Buderim local who was quite young when she knew Edna, to share some of her memories of her, and Club member Richard Bryan talked about his mother’s friendship with her as well. Maxina Williams gave a summary of Edna’s time in Buderim and Meredith Walker also contributed.
Edna’s statue of Beethoven, her favourite composer, was also brought along for the occasion.
Breakfast of fruit, followed by bacon and eggs, was provided by President John Lyon, wife Kathy and Jenni Campbell.

Ken Evans and Tom Crerar have volunteered to maintain this special area, and would like a few people to help them.
See Ken or Tom at a meeting to join them.

The Buderim Bendigo Community Bank  has recently launched a "Make the Change" campaign which involved Branch manager Peter Macdonnell and endorsement for the bank from BGC committee members Patricia James, Jenni Campbell, John Lyon and Leanne Crowe. 

This bank is a joint sponsor of the Buderim Garden Festival with Manawee Nursery.

The video clip can be seen under the FB heading on the ribbon above.
*** There are 258 Buderim Garden Club members,  and most of them have paid their membership fee of $10 for the next year.

*** Cassie Burlington has taken over the Membership portfolio for the Club from Noel Williams.

*** Remember the Shedders group meet on the 3rd Friday of the month.  
Teddy Gove is the Shedders group leader and would like a few more volunteers to join this happy group.

Foote-Tapping Music concert, Foote Sanctuary, Buderim, Sunday 22nd July

The Foote Tapping concert was held in sunny weather on Sunday 22nd July.

Garden Club members Maxina WIlliams, Lyn Nicholls, Noel Williams, Steve Wikman and John Lyon (pictured in the photo above) sold plants and "garden art" to concert attendees.

Garden Club member Bev Gourlay (Schouten) organised and sang at this concert with her husband Aart Schouten.

A donation of $500 was given to the Foote Sanctuary committee to purchase further native plants for the Sanctuary.

More photos of this event can be found under the PHOTOS heading on the ribbon above, and on Facebook.

*** A New Members' morning tea was held on 15th August, when new members were able to meet each other and the committee detailed their various roles in the Club.

***A Chappy Dave garden was created at the Buderim Mt. State School by garden club members Karen O'Connor, Monika Stinton and John Lyon.
It was funded by the Buderim Lions Club.

Visit to Parliament

 *** On 16th May, Brent Mickelberg, MP for Buderim in Qld Parliament, was host to contributors of the "Gardens of Buderim” book at the  Qld Parliament. Brent presented the book to the Parliamentary Librarian, Janet Prowse, who was gracious in her acceptance since she is a keen rose grower.  Editor Sarah Seeberg and President John Lyon spoke, and after the handover, Brent spoke to the group about his priorities for Buderim: trying to improve traffic flow was high on the list!
This was followed by a tour around the Parliament building and afternoon tea. This was an excellent opportunity for promotion of the Club and "Gardens of Buderim", and also interaction with other BGC members.
Photos of this important event can be seen in the Photos section (on ribbon above).

Copies of “Gardens of Buderim” have already been lodged with the National Library in Canberra and the Queensland State Library.

Well done Sarah for getting this happening!   (See more details of this book, below).


*** The Relay for Life organisers asked the Buderim Garden Club to create table centrepieces, for their event on Saturday May 5th.
Many members supplied a wide variety of colourful flowers, and masterpieces were created by the team above - Maxina, Eunice, Kim and Monika. See photos in the Photo Gallery section. According to Monday's News, the amount of $55,000 was raised on the day.

*** At the April general meeting, President John Lyon spoke of the committee's decision to donate funds for the further beautification of Buderim, which is one of the aims of our association.
 The sum of $2,000 is being given to install "fairy" lights in 2 trees adjacent to the old Buderim P.O. in Burnett St., Buderim. Council approval is still underway for this to happen.
An additional $500 is being given to the Foote Sanctuary, where a major tree planting program has been undertaken over this wet season to fill in the gaps created by the removal of exotic Candlenut and Queensland Maple trees (non local flora). So far approximately 300 tubed seedlings have been planted, and this process will continue throughout the coming months.

 **** Patricia Graham is producing a monthly Newsletter which will be sent out on line to all members who have given their email address to the Club.             Hard copies are only available at the monthly meeting for non-email people.

Coming Events

Australia Day Parade  26th January 2018

This year, about 20 Buderim Garden Club members paraded along Burnett St in the Australia Day Parade.
Most members wore their BGC Tee shirts and many flowers and cuttings were given away to the enthusiastic applause from the spectators (most of whom were observing from shady areas, whist we endured the searing heat).

Steve and Kathy were the banner bearers this year, with John and Ken following with their flower-laden wheelbarrows. 
Our group was so spectacular that we won 3rd prize, after the Mons Play Group (1st) and Matthew Flinders School (2nd).

Check out the photos in the drop down heading of  "Photos" on the ribbon above.

    Gardens of Buderim Book

Recommended Retail Price: $26.95

The “Gardens of Buderim” book was officially launched to the members at the BGC Christmas Lunch on Friday 8th December 2017

“Gardens of Buderim” (RRP of $26.95) is now on sale at Books of Buderim, Manawee Garden Centre and at the Old Post Office-Buderim.

Contact John Lyon, President, Buderim Garden Club, on Email john.lyon1@bigpond.com  or Mobile: 0448714561 to order copies.

Many thanks to Sarah Seeberg for all her hard work.
 Gardens of Buderim Report

 For over 71 years Buderim has had an active Garden Club, currently boasting over 200 members.                

Now the Club has published a book, “Gardens of Buderim”, providing a perfect Christmas gift”, says John Lyon, President of the Club.  “In it several members share their delight and pride in the gardens they have created, of different sizes and styles, showing how they have overcome problems like poor soil or steep slopes, as well as their successes in growing special flowers, fruit, vegetables and other plants”.

Also included are articles about how to design a garden, the future of gardening in Buderim, the Club’s background and some of the town’s garden history, as well as useful details about local public parks.


The garden stories and front and back covers are enhanced by superb photographs, mostly taken by Elizabeth Hales and Club members. 

 “Gardens of Buderim” is an attractive stocking-filler for the keen gardener or garden visitor in your family or circle of friends”, book editor, Sarah Seeberg, says: “Or, for you, it will provide a pleasurable virtual walk around lovely Buderim gardens and parks”.

Many of the gardens featured have been highlights of Buderim’s annual Garden Festival, open to a large and admiring public during the second weekend in October.          

“Gardens of Buderim” (RRP of $26.95) is now on sale at Books of Buderim, Manawee Garden Centre and at the Old Post Office-Buderim.

OR, Contact John Lyon, President, Buderim Garden Club, on Email john.lyon1@bigpond.com  or Mobile: 0448714561 to order copies.

                                       The contributors to this book are featured in the group photo below, with Sarah Seeberg, centre front row