Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

Our A.G.M. was held at 2 pm on Friday 13th November
President John Lyon's Annual Report can be viewed under the heading above
Our plant stall was very successful

Many thanks to Steve Wikman and the BGC committee for organising the plant (covid) trail and pricing of all the contributed plants.
Below, Vonnie gave her Treasurer's report.  Photo Competition Co-Ordinator, Merryn Jooste presented the winner's trophy to Elizabeth Hales
and equal-second prize certificates to Nev Douglas and Steve Wikman

The new BGC committee for 2021 was elected

The BGC Management committee for year 2021.
President John Lyon, Treasurer Vonnie Young, Secretary Rosemary Simmons, Kim Bendall, Cassie Burlington,  Robin Porter,  Patricia James,
Mike Kelly, John Sargaison and  new members Marion Upston, Lynette Valentine, and Maureen Michael.
John thanked 4 retiring members, Leanne Crowe,  Merryn Jooste, Lesley Doyle and a very special thanks went to hard-working secretary Monika, who will have a role as Assisting Committee person.
Retiring Newsletter editor Patricia James was officially thanked for her excellent collations.

Check out Patricia James'  November newsletter -  many thanks Patricia

Calendars were given out on friday 23rd, and the Shedders tidied the hall gardens before enjoying a social drink and chat afterwards

 Next year will be exciting as it's our 75th Anniversary.


Our  Christmas party will be held at the Buderim Tavern with numbers currently limited to 80 maximum.

Please email buderimgardenclub@gmail.com to register that you wish to attend and secure a place.

Thursday Dec 3, Cost $30 per head, partners welcome. Arrival time is 11.30 a.m. for a Start time of 12 noon 

Many ordered calendars were picked-up at the BWMCA Memorial Hall  on Friday Oct 23 and at the Plant Stall and AGM on Nov 13…

There will be a very limited number for sale at the Plant Stall or before  at $10.00 each.

The Christmas Party 
Cost:        $30.00 per person (pre-paid by Nov 30th)
Venue:     Buderim Tavern, function room, max seating 80 adhering to their approved Venue COVID Plan
Date:        Thursday, Dec 3- 11:30 for noon start
Tickets:    You will be issued with a ticket number, after Nov 13 AGM, when numbers should be pretty much finalised.

Payment.. online is preferred, 
Bendigo Bank:                  BSB :       633 108
Buderim Garden Club account :      156 313 850
All payments will be acknowledged. 

If you do not wish to pay online:-
Please put the correct money in an envelope and pop it in my letterbox at 23 Kent Crt Buderim, and let me know it’s there
via text, 0490 143 991 or email buderimgardenclub@gmail.com
You can also pay for the Christmas Party when you pick up your calendar at the Hall on Friday 23rd Oct or at the AGM, Friday, Nov 13.

I have a long list of members who have expressed interest in coming, who will be given priority as long as their payment is received by the AGM.
That way others who haven’t expressed interest by now, have a chance to come. A waiting list will be kept, just in case we exceed 80 max.

 Old Buderim Post Office working bee

Photo shows Nev, Denise and Rosemary at the working bee to beautify the gardens around the old P.O.
Co-Ordinator Leanne Crowe would love some more people to join the group on the 3rd Monday of the month at 6 am.
Remember, many hands make light work.
Nev reckons there is a begonia in the garden there with a trunk that's older than he is!

Buderim Bendigo Bank Spring Display

John Lyon and Steve Wikman have set up a Spring Plants Display in theBuderim Bendigo Bank which will remain till the end November as part of the Bank’s Spring Home Loans Programme.
Many thanks to Teddy Gove, Steve and Ken Evens for the supply of some items for the Display. Since this display will remain for a couple months, John will be asking for replacement plants – preferably colourful ones in flower.
We are very pleased that the Bendigo Bank is giving the BGC a $1000 donation for creating this display.

Check out the Photo competition results (under the Photos heading above)

***Patricia James has done a magnificent job on the September Newsletter. . 
We are so fortunate that she has continued to do this whilst we're not able to have monthly meetings. Many thanks Patricia.

*** A Wildflower walk at Kathleen McArthur Park (Currimundi Lake Conservation Park) happened on Monday,  Aug 17 at 10:00.

*** Birdbath Demo and Workshop on Aug 26th..  A repeat performance is planned for October 7th, since the numbers had to be reduced.

*** On Friday 31st July, the S.C. Regional Council organised a promotional video (titled SCC Cultural Heritage Discovery film) to showcase some historical sites within the shire. 
In our area, Buderim Pioneer Cottage was chosen, along with

Buderim Krauss Loco,  Buderim Forest Park, Buderim Palmwoods Heritage Tramway walk, Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden,   Yandina Historic House and museum, Mt Coolum, Big Pineapple & train,  Mt Ninderry, Nambour Genealogy Sunshine Coast Resource Centre.

Below is a photo of some of the Pioneer Cottage  and  Buderim Garden Club members who maintain this historical treasure.

More photos can be seen under the Albums heading above.

***  New Members’ Morning Tea was held on Wednesday 12th August at the Botanic Gardens.

Cancellation of our Buderim Garden Festival

*** 28th July News:  Sad, but not unexpected news!
The BGC management committee have decided to cancel the Spring Flower Show and Plant Market, as the the restrictions on the BWMCA Hall could not be met. The hall management committee did not think the restrictions would be eased any time soon, so it was decided to cancel and put all our efforts into 2021, our 75th Anniversary year, to be the best ever.
The aim is to hold a plant sale at our AGM on November 13th, so please keep potting up and growing on your contributions to this. The Plant Sale will be the only source of income for the club this year, so it is very important that people keep potting.
*** The Council have donated $2,000 to the BGC to help with funding. Since the Festival has been cancelled, this will be used in 2021, probably for the production of the 75th Anniversary calendar.

*** President John Lyon has been liaising with the BWMCA Hall committee and at this stage there is no possibility of holding Monthly Meetings in the near future. As soon as the way is clear, we will be back to normal!! In the meantime we are organising small events, to enable members to get together. Please let the members without emails know.

***Karen O/Connor has passed on info from Funtastic Tour Company, who have lots of variety on offer.

  • Skydrive Transfers have organised a tour to Carnival of Flowers..
  • Penny Hegarty has a number of tours available.

*** The committee has decided to carry over all memberships to Nov 1 2021, hence your 2020 fees will cover 2 years. 

Old Buderim Post Office and Pioneer Cottage Garden Working Bees July 2020.
See photos in ALBUMS heading above.

Buderim Garden Club Get-together 15th July at Caryll's home and garden.

Over 20 people enjoyed meeting together and exploring the now-stabilised plants in Caryll's extensive garden.  What a transformation from 2 years ago (when it was pouring with rain, and cuttings were just planted)! It was a very sunny, happy morning.
Many photos can be viewed under the Albums heading above.
President John Lyon announced that there is still uncertainty as to whether our Garden Festival will go ahead in October. If it does, there will be no Open Gardens, and if it is cancelled there will still be our Garden Stall - somewhere.  So, he asks that we keep potting plants for this, and now is the time to prune as plants finish flowering.
It was great to see John Sargaison and wife Paula there, after recovering from his surgery.
*** The 2 gardening groups have restarted, and will welcome new members: 
Shedders at the hall meet on the 4th Friday of the month. eg Friday 25th September  3 - 5pm (with a drink afterwards). Email Teddy on   teddygove@gmail.com to join them.
Pioneer Cottage: third Monday of each month, 6.30 a.m to noon (or until you need to leave).  Email Leanne on   leannecrowe@gmail.com
Leanne Crowe wrote after the July working bee:
New members would be more than welcome to join the Pioneer Cottage Working Bee.  We meet on the third Monday of each month for roughly an hour at 6.30 am.  A great place to learn about pruning and gardening that suits our climate. There are a couple of photos in the Albums section above, showing work being done to the gardens prior to a film being made.   More details later.

Last Weekly Digest

*** Monika has compiled, editored and sourced the last Weekly Digest.  I'm sure we are all grateful for her mamoth efforts and also we thanks the writers of the different subjects that have been presented.

***Check out the June Photo competition results under the PHOTOS heading above.

The topic for July is... Visitors to the Garden, and Entries close June 30th.

*** Next year is a very special year for the club, as we celebrate 75 years. We are one of the oldest garden clubs in Australia, and have submitted an article for GCA Spring Our Gardens magazine. The committee is busy thinking of ways to commemorate the occasion, such as a Commemorative Calendar, 75th Anniversary book, documenting the club's history, as well as fitting donations to other local groups, and also beautify Buderim.

Please let a committee member know of any ideas that you might have by emailing  buderimgardenclub@gmail.com

*** We welcome 2 new members this month, Cammie Pettiford and Sandra Montgomery.   Hopefully we can get together soon to meet them.

*** The Buderim Garden Club newsletter is now on line on https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nUNfOS6Fz0zysXNnJsfH8vP6KYo6EphW/view?usp=sharing
Patricia has collated a most interesting lot of news and photos for you to enjoy.

These contain interesting items, e.g. the fees that have been paid for the 2020 year will now include 2021 - that is a good move, since meetings are cancelled until further notice.

*** We have been given a $2,000 grant to help finance the Buderim Garden Festival, which hopefully will still go ahead from Friday 16th - Sunday 18th, but without the Open Gardens being offered this year. Members are still encouraged to  continue potting plants for either the Festival or for another date.

Check out the Newsletter, the Minutes and also the previous Weekly Digests on:

John and Kathy Lyon have been creative in their garden. Great wheelbarrows!

There are many hidden treasures in the Lyon garden:

A Water feature that attracts frogs,
Annuals and succulents in wheelbarrows, 
mosaics balls and containers.

Weekly Digest no. 8 is now online and includes all previous Weeklies

 Ken Evan's Patrea , and flowers of DragonFruit, Medanilla and Hippeastrum

Teddy Gove's garden

Below are Bev's camelias

****Monika has sent out the 7th Weekly Digest link below, as well as the QLD Council of Garden Clubs and Gardening Clubs of Australia links.(these are also found under the FB heading above for easy access. 
This week's Digest is very diverse with articles on orchids, cake baking, fire ant control, Mooloolaba Spit petition, Photography calendar, plants to give away and even a joke.

*** I have added some photos from a few people's gardens above, and also under the "Cut Flower" heading above. Please send any photos of flowers (that you would have liked to enter in our monthly competition) and I’ll put them on the web.

OR, you could ask me to come round and take some photos and perhaps give me a cup of tea!.

                                                                                                                                           Bev Schouten bevyart99@gmail.com  ph: 5444 8675

Nev Douglas's stand for his flowering plants (mainly orchids) on his back porch.

*** Check out the 6th Weekly Digest on this link:


Note: This link is easiest seen from the FB Links heading above.

It is full of interesting articles and photos, such as:

Nev Douglas's comments about Softcane Dendrobiums

Eunice’s labour of love in her garden

Discussion by the Amigos of the Sebago Potato and other varieties

Laurel and Peter Asimus say  “Hello” from their Toowong home

Garden photos from Lindsay Conwell, Susan Ellis, Anne and Wal Lanham, comments from Anne Gordon  and Merideth Walker.

Request for gardening help from the Buderim Horse and Pony Club in the Ballinger Sporting Complex. (No horsing around, just gardening and probably earning yourself some manure).

It’s all worth a look, and has prompted me to show some photos of my garden below.

Please send me your photos and I’ll put them on the web.
                                                                                                        Bev Schouten bevyart99@gmail.com  ph: 5444 8675 (web manager)

Bev Schouten's garden views

Elizabeth Hales' Garden (including the Badderam Banksia)

May 2020 Photo Competition Results can be viewed under the heading PHOTOS .

*** Entries for the June Photo Competition of  "Autumn Colours " must be received by 31st May
Send to buderimphotos@gmail.com    iphone photos are acceptable!
***The 5th Weekly Gardening Digest can be viewed from the FB Links heading above. 

***This Link is worth checking out with the previous Digests listed also.

Of special interest to me (Bev) was Steve's recipe of adding a tea spoon of salt to a litre of vinegar and spraying on weeds.   These weeds were in the shade and didn't need the sun to help the process.
This killed my small pavement weeds in a day and got rid of a 10 year old bottle of cider vinegar.  Thanks Steve!

***Many thanks to Patricia James for her informative Newsletter, complete with photos. This can be read via https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qzFJrlfsEyCfbWPrUq0xcwOYREz4UBH5?usp=sharing

On ANZAC DAY we remember our war heroes, and we pay a tribute to them

Members of the Buderim Garden Club have honoured our war heroes with tributes, placed where the ANZAC service has long been held at the Buderim Mt. State School, but today tributes were placed at the closed gates..

 Monika has posted the Weekly Digest no 4. To see the beautiful photos (especially Nev's orchid) use the link

Remember to send in your Fern photos before the 30th April.  Keep gardening and keep happy and healthy.

The April Photo competition results are now posted under the "Photos" heading.

This is Nev Douglas's winning photo of a garden - certainly not his, but it is worth Paul Lucas's judgement of First.

Other photos and a list of Highly Commended entries can be viewed under the PHOTOS heading above.

Interesting garden tips

Monika has sent out a bulletin of gardening items that we can read and activate at our leisure.  So, here's items to ponder............
From John Sargaison

When insect pests invade your plants you've got to get on to the problem right away. Colin prefers to use home-made remedies where possible because they're generally safer for the environment and more economical. However he advises, "Be careful of these solutions around children, as they should not be ingested. Don't store them in soft drink bottles and make sure you keep them out of reach of children.

Scale and Mealybugs: Make an oil preparation that suffocates them by mixing four tablespoons of dishwashing liquid into one cup of vegetable oil. Mix one part of that mixture to about twenty parts of water, put it in your sprayer and spray the affected plants.

Aphids, Caterpillars and Other Insects: Add two tablespoons of soap flakes to one litre of water and stir thoroughly until completely dissolved (this is quicker in warm water). There is no need to dilute this further, just spray it on as is.

Black Spot Fungicide: In Queensland, Black Spot's a major problem with roses, but this fungicide mixture works miracles. Add three teaspoons of bicarb soda to one litre of water. Don't get carried away with the bicarb soda because if you make it too strong, it'll cause all sorts of problems. Add a few drops of either dishwashing liquid, or fish emulsion to help the solution adhere to the leaf more effectively.

Fungicide: Mix one level teaspoon of bicarb soda into one litre of water. Add one litre of skim milk and a pinch of Condy's Crystals which you can get from a produce agent (someone that supplies to horse owners). Shake thoroughly.

Grasshopper, Caterpillar and Possum Deterrent: Mix a cup of molasses into one litre of water and spray it over new foliage. 

Nematodes: Add half a litre of molasses to two litres of water and spread over one and a half square metres of affected garden area.

All-round Insecticide: Chop four large onions, two cloves of garlic, and four hot chillies. Mix them together and cover with warm, soapy water and leave it to stand overnight. Strain off that liquid and add it to five litres of water to create an all-round insecticide. 

Pesticide: Crush a whole bulb of garlic and cover with vegetable oil. After two days, strain off the liquid, add a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid and use one millilitre of concentrate to one litre of water. 

Herbicide: Add a cup of common salt to a litre of vinegar. After it's dissolved, brush it directly onto weeds. Remember, it's not a selective weed killer. It'll kill anything it touches so be very careful how you use it. 

Predator Attractor: Predators that prey on pests are great things to have in the garden. Lacewings are particularly desirable because they consume aphids and many other pests. To encourage them into your garden, dissolve one teaspoon of a yeast based sandwich spread in water and spray it all over the plants.

A good Facebook site for gardeners - Jerry Coleby-Williams  

This is https://www.facebook.com/238444853764/posts/10159339481203765/

From Ken Evans

VEGETABLE GARDEN  -  Plantings and Problems;   Vegetables need a rich well dug soil with ample quantities of compost,  manures and blood and bone added prior to planting out.  Ensure you leave space for the plant to grow (try to picture what the mature vegetable would be like and allow sufficient space between plants otherwise they become leggy and tough)  Large vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage and tomato require more space than lettuce and herbs. It is best to broadcast seed of lettuce, coriander and Chinese greens in their permanent beds and thin out to allow sufficient space.  This overcomes the set-back they suffer if transplanting.

Remember to do successive plantings of your favourite vegetables each month from now until July.

Now is a good time to plant sweet peas and strawberries.

While the weather is still fairly warm keep a watch for caterpillars especially in brassicas (cabbage family).

Lawn grub is very prevalent at the moment but if you see the orange wasp flying over the lawn you should be happy as it lays its eggs in the grubs which kills them.  Hey presto!  Natures chemical control.                               


From Nev Douglas

Orchid Talk                Crucifix   Orchids          
Crucifix Orchids belong to the Epidendrum family. This particular family of orchids originated in South America.
They come in a number of flower colours and  can be found in most older gardens. Despite their widespread use in past days there seems to be little written about them.
A couple of pointers that I have found to be helpful are as follows. 
Leaving them in their pots, plant them in the garden preferably facing north to north east .
When they have finished flowering cut the stem back to about a couple of inches from the base.  If you don’t kikies will grow from the old stem and in no time you will have a tangled mess of stems. 

 If you want to multiply the plants  take the cut stems , put a label on them with the flower colour and put them under a bench  in the bushouse,  and in time ,you will have the kikies come away. Wait till the roots are about two inch long, cut off the stem   ( an inch or two either side of the Kikie )and repot the new plant.

To control their growth I used a mesh frame to contain them,  and I found it works well. You can buy this mesh from Bunnings. 

In the old days I used to get old cow  pats and placed them around the pots  and the orchids thrived on it.
Today , I use old potting mixture and feed with a mixture of granular and organic fertilizer.

In recent years the Japanese have carried out a extensive breeding program and their selections are much shorter in growth with  strongly coloured flowers. 

Some of  these Epi  varieties  are called Max Valley, Sunlight Valley, Crystal Valley etc. 

These are available at our local Orchid Nusery at West Woombye.   ( Robertson’s)
There has been a similar breeding program in  America . Their plants at more robust and have a bigger flower head


Thanks goodness for our gardens! In these self-isolating times, at least we can work and enjoy our gardens.

*** Some good news is the purchase of a defribulator for the Buderim hall, thanks to a 50% grant, which we can have in the Hall and take  on bus tours. We are also able to have some first aid training through St John’s . 

*** The Animal Rescue Collective demonstrated how generous the club members are. 

A magnificent sum  $780 was raised at the February meeting  ... well done everyone.

                                                                      Thank you to Vonnie and Merryn for organising this.

*** The Buderim Garden Club will celebrate 75 years of activities in 2021.
***The Buderim Australia Day parade was a huge success with just a sprinkling of rain at the start which kept us cool. There were about 20 Garden Club members, and we gave away herb posies, rosemary sprigs, heliconias and an assortment of flowers from Ken's and John's wheelbarrows.
We met some new members and loved the Caring Clowns antics as they followed us in the parade.
Below are the banner bearers in the 2020 parade with their "give-away" flowers.  More photos can be seen under the heading ALBUMS above.Also Merryn Jooste took a lot of photos that can be viewed under the FB Links heading above or click here
https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1JSnNkHv2qQmvQpv2RnDl-wdLsnJUJBgZ    Use arrows on the RHS of the photo to move through them.

Christmas Lunch 2019 Report

A wonderful Christmas Lunch was shared at the Buderim Tavern on Thursday 5th December. This location proved to be excellent - their tasty well presented meals  were quickly served and enjoyed by everyone.  The tables looked colourful with the decorative Christmas centre-pieces and occassional chocolates.
Helen Wallace was presented with her Honorary Life Membership award and badge, and the many raffle prizes were much appreciated.
Meredith Walker and Leanne Crowe tied for having the most correct answers in the geography quiz, which Meredith eventually won on bonus questions.
It was a most successful lunch, and the photos are now posted under the ALBUMS heading above.

President John Lyon was happy to announce that after much discussion, the Council have decided not to enforce more parking restrictions for our Garden Festival Open Gardens. Well done John and his negotiators.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas, and we'll meet again on February 14th 2020

3 important awards have been granted - to Laurel Asimus,
Michael Walsh and Helen Wallace.   

The Doris Killian Award was awarded to Laurel Asimus this year, and the plaque was presented to her at the Garden Festival presentation by our patron Marjorie Van Roy.    Below is Laurel's citation that Monika prepared for this award.

Laurel Asimus- Life member Buderim Garden Club : A teacher, mentor, organiser, friend and visionary.

  1. joined Buderim Garden Club 1981, and soon became an active club member
  2. committee member 2000-2002, 2005-2014
  3. the club go-to person, managing Buderim Garden Club history, social events, catering etc.
  4. with Peter, her husband, helped to organise many club tours, locally, interstate and overseas to wonderful gardens for over 10 years
  5. represented Buderim Garden Club on the Buderim War Memorial Community Association, always promoting gardening and the Club's position on issues.
  6. 2010 onwards organised club workshops, sharing her vast knowledge and using her teaching skills to ensure that all could chat about their gardens, and learn from each other.
  7. Convenor of the Buderim Garden Festival, including Spring Flower Show and Open Gardens. A role she carried out almost single-handedly for many years.
  8.  Tirelessly managed the gardens at Buderim Pioneer Cottage, bringing these back to life in the style reminiscent of the Cottage era. Encouraging many volunteers to learn about cottage gardens.
  9. Worked diligently on the Pioneer Cottage committee, to maintain and enhance the museum.
  10.  Ensured that all Buderim garden Club history was files and stored at the museum, especially the Newsletters.
  11. A leading member of the working party which maintains the gardens around Buderim War Memorial Hall.
  12. Mentored new members of these working parties, to ensure that each garden is maintained in the style appropriate to the site
  13. Provided the annual thank you breakfast for all the members of the Edna Walling group who maintain the Edna Walling Gardens, in Buderim, for many years.
  14. Always ready to assist new members, share her vast gardening knowledge, plants and cuttings to enhance the recipients’ gardens,
  15. Always ready to lend a hand for whatever community or garden project needing support,
  16. Member of Committee that managed Buderim Garden Club's 70 anniversary with prominent guest speaker, Ross McKinnon, Curator of Brisbane Botanic Gardens and Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens.
  17. Was instrumental in starting the process to honour Colin Campbell. This was then progressed by others to what finally was created, the seat with a plaque honouring him  for his contribution to gardening, and as  Patron of Buderim Garden Club.


The Doris Killian Award was originally established in 1997 by the GCA Committee to recognize ‘A person who has made an outstanding effort in furthering the aims and objectives of the Garden Clubs of Australia’. In 2011 the Award  was altered to its current status “for outstanding service by an individual to the community.”Doris Killian passed away on 19th December 2012, aged 92 years.

*** Helen Wallace was awarded Life Membership of the Buderim Garden Club 

Helen joined the BGC in 1995, then became a committee member in 2013. With her husband Campbell, she did the committee morning teas when they were held in a home.

Helen took over the BGC Newsletter from Peter Matthews in 2008 and continued up to 2017.

She has been the Library manager from 2016 & continues in this role in 2020. She has been on the Buderim War Memorial hall committee, representing the BGC for many years.

Helen has been a volunteer with the “Shedder’s Group” for over 10 years and is also one of the first to arrive & last to leave.

*** Michael Walsh was awarded Life Membership of the Buderim Garden CLub.

Michael joined BGC in 2002 and soon became a committee member. He was responsible for setting up the BGC’s membership data base (access), and keeping detailed information on New and Current members which is still the basis for BGC membership information today.
Michael remained membership Convenor till 2015.

Michael was elected President of BGC in 2009 & 2010 and has been a great worker and member of the BGC.

2019 President’s Report: 8th November 2019

As president of the Buderim Garden Club (BGC) I would like to welcome, our members and visitors to this the 73rd AGM of the Buderim Garden Club and present the Annual General Report of the Management Committee for 2019. This year has again been packed with activities and it has been wonderful to see so many new members join our club.


We had 50 new members join this year but sadly 1 member (Di Robinson) passed away. The current membership is 17 life members and 271 ordinary members which makes a total of 288.

The BGC Management committee for 2019 has done a wonderful job and I especially would like to thank all the committee on behalf of BGC for their service and dedication during the year, with special thanks going to our hard-working secretary Monika and minute secretary Kim, and our very efficient treasurer Lesley and Vice President John Sargaison.

All the Co-opted members have done a wonderful job during the year, many thanks for your work and dedication to the BGC.

Our general meetings have been well attended (100/120 plus members or more on average) and I thank the members for your attendance and support during 2019. At the meetings the Hall Stage/Flowers competition has always looked great, thanks to Shirley and her helpers. The plant sales have had a great variety available for all members, at very reasonable prices. Great raffle prizes featuring the Manawee plant of month & lucky door prize. Thank you to Lois and her team for managing the raffle.

This year a highlight was our first Friendship Day for many years combined with Patron's Day, our guest speaker was our patron Marjorie Van Roy. The day had nearly 200 seats filled by members and our visiting friends - Marjorie held a rapt audience with her very interesting talk. Marjorie has been gardening on, and advising Buderim and Sunshine Coast people for 30 years. “Manawee” is the go-to place if you want healthy and happy plants, plus all things gardening, and I thank Manawee for their sponsorship and support to the BGC.


The high-profile guest speakers have been interesting and with lots of enthusiasm and goodies to share with BGC members or for sale.

The members’ talks have all been well received and interesting, especially the sessions by the 3 Amigos (Ken Evans, Robin Porter & Steve Wikman). I’d like to thank all the members that have given talks this year, thanks to Jenni Campbell for organising the great array of guest speakers.

Our newsletter has again been well received by our members, with format of monthly editions, and thanks to Patricia James for keeping us informed and educated again for another year.

Edna Walling Garden, Garden Shedders & Pioneer Cottage.

These are monthly working bees carried out by dedicated Club Volunteers, at the “Edna Walling Garden”, Leanne Crowe and her new team of helpers maintain the garden again this year, with change of day to third Monday morning of month.

The "Garden Shedders" work in the gardens adjacent to the Buderim Memorial Hall (on 4th Friday of month). I thank Teddy Gove who has been the coordinator of the group this year.

A new group this year (on 1st Wednesday of month) has been helping volunteers from Pioneer Cottage (PC) maintain the PC gardens especially with the PC being one of the BGC Open Gardens this year.

I’d like to thank all the volunteers who have worked on the above gardens during the year.


This year we have had a number of interesting and informative workshops, organised by Steve Wikman. The highlight would have to be the return workshop at Caryll Beck’s and @ Elizabeth and Jim Hales place. Thanks for opening your gardens for the wonderful workshops. Many thanks Steve, for your hard work in organising all of the workshops.



Ken Evans has continued his seed bank this year. Many members have benefited from the seeds that Ken and others have gathered and shared. Thank you, Ken.


Helen Wallace has continued to run the BGC library, giving members the opportunity to borrow gardening books & magazines. This year some of the older books were withdrawn from library and some sold @ garden festival. Thank you, Helen.

New Members Morning Teas

These are held twice a year to introduce new members to the committee and the various activities of the club. They have been very well attended and special thanks to Kathy my wife, for hosting these at our home.


Bus Tours.

This year our tour coordinator Karen O’Conner organised 4 great bus trips: Government House, Sean Morrows Pomona farm, Xmas in July to Maleny and Edible Rose Farm @ Eudlo (late change from Kathleen MacArthur Wild Flower Reserve (no wild flowers due hot dry weather). Special thanks to Karen for organising all the bus trips. The disappointment being the lack of numbers attending some trips, please give us your feedback on what you want with tours, only day trips or longer overnight trips?

BGC Events Attended.

Other great events attended by the BGC were the Australia Day Parade, Anzac Parade, Queensland Garden Expo at Nambour. Remembrance Day at Foote Sanctuary, Footloose in the Park and the Buderim Street Party. The BGC is gaining a bit of a reputation for handing out so many plants, particularly the Broms & herb posies and people seem genuinely pleased to receive them. I must say a special thanks to those members that supplied plants & helped @ events.


Garden Festival.

The Buderim Garden Festival is our major event for year (full report to members available). This year, the colour “yellow” was featured, as exemplified by the Wattle flowers on our flyer/poster.

The Festival featured 6 Open Gardens. The Spring Flower Show featured cut flowers, novelty arrangements, hanging baskets, bonsai plants, Our Chief Steward and Convenor John Sargaison has once again done a wonderful job. Thank you, John.

Adjacent to the Hall, there was the annual Quality Plant Markets, thanks to Vonnie and Robin for organising the Plant Market. Our Club plant stall did exceedingly well (record sales) and we thank all members who donated plants. The success of BGC stall is due to Shirley McDonald and her team, many thanks. Thanks, Monika, for arranging post stall sales.  The standard and quality of donated plants from our members was very high this year (Steve your messages have gotten through).

This year we trailed a Twilight Quality Plant Market (and opened Hall), from 5pm-7:00 pm on Friday 18th as well as the usual Saturday and Sunday plant markets & Hall flower/photographic shows & Open Gardens. The feedback was very heartening from all.

This year the Photography Exhibition was expanded and located in the hall foyer with specially arranged display boards, with 5 classes, 207 entries were received. The closing date for entries was 4pm on Friday 11 October, which then gave judge time to do online judging and Merryn to print/display photographs. Our Convenor Merryn Jooste and her helpers have done a wonderful job arranging the display. Thank you, Merryn.

One of the significant changes this year was with the Children’s section.  This year Milford Lodge Day-care Centre were enthusiastic participants again. Also, this year the New Little Village Day-care Centre also joined the Children’s Section.  We had 50 great entries from the children at Milford Lodge based on the theme of a “Small World Potted Plant”, and Little Village had “Zoned Entries” each done to a theme by groups of children in aged group zones.

The weather in June/July/August & September was hot & dry, but start October saw some much need rain leading up to the Festival, ideal weather conditions for open gardens & flower show; the Festival weekend had great sunny weather on Friday & Sunday with rain during Saturday, but this did not seem to deter visitors, with great visitor numbers over the whole festival.

The quality and presentation of our Flower/Photographic Competitions & Open Gardens were outstanding.

I’d like to thank all the members who volunteered to help as garden sitters, hall attendants & plant sales assistants and especially all who helped set up & pack up the hall.


On Saturday at the Garden Festival, Laurel Asimus was awarded the Gardens Club of Australia - The Doris Killian Award by our Patron Marjorie Van Roy. The award is for Outstanding service by an individual to their local Community. Laurel was absolutely delighted and she well deserved to receive the award. The BGC had nominated Laurel for this award in June and received notification in September that Laurel was the successful nominee for the award. It was hard to keep it secret.

Christmas Lunch.

We now all look forward to our final function for 2019, our Christmas Lunch, this year being held at the Buderim Tavern. We're hoping to fill the function room with lots of celebrating members.

I wish all our members good health and happiness for the coming year.

John Lyon President

Buderim Garden Festival
Friday 18th October to 1 pm Sunday 20th, 2019

Check out the Festival photos under the Album heading and the Reports under Festival heading above.

At the Buderim Foundation's Grant Giving ceremony on Saturday, some Garden Club members potted up plants and distributed them, as a present from the S.C. Council.
Garden Club members at the Buderim Street Party.  (John, Bev, Monika, Jenni, Teddy, Kim at the start.)
There were many members who donated approximately 200 (if not more) bromeliad plants that were all given away by 6.15 !!
Kim hosted a working bee to make Bouquet garni and the workers enjoyed a tasty morning tea too.

Flowers, posies, lots of herbs and cuttings were distributed along with plenty of Buderim Festival flyers.
It was a great night - no wind or rain and plenty of people.
*** Shedders working bee  was held on the 26th July (4th Friday afternoon of the month, starting at 4 pm) .
These photos were taken of team work in potting up cuttings and heliconias into many pots that were supplied by Diane Barrington in preparation for our Festival's plant stall. The gardens around the hall were weeded and shrubs cut back, and then it was chat and drink time.

*** Rosemary Simmons will be running a hands-on propagation workshop on the fourth Monday each month. It is limited to 6-8 participants. The aim is to produce quality plants for the Festival plant stall and learn propagation techniques.

*** Pioneer Cottage group:  Volunteers are asked to enjoy the "cottage" style gardens of the Pioneer Cottage, Buderim.
     The New Group meet on 1st Wednesday of the month, from 9 to 11am.  Ring 0448 714 561 to join this group.


*** QLD Garden EXPO was held from 12th to 14th July 2019 at the Nambour Show Grounds.  
This is the BGC display that our creative members prepared.

Many photos of the beautiful flowers in our display, plus floral arrangements and scenes from the Kitchen Garden can be seen under the heading Albums above.
Anzac Day April 25th 2019

On behalf of the Buderim garden club members,  our president John Lyon laid a wreath at the Anzac shrine in the Buderim Mountain school's pine forest Anzac ceremony.

The flowers came from Ken Evans garden and were lovingly arranged by John and his wife Kathy.

Laurel and Peter Asimus were awarded Honorary Life Membership to the Club for their constant, friendly, long term association with the Club - especially Laurel's organisation of the Buderim Garden Festival and as a committee member over many years.  
Peter organised many wonderful bus trips over many years too. 

They have sold their Buderim home and are moving closer to their family in Brisbane.

Photo shows them receiving their Honorary Life Membership award in February 2015

David Edwards Memorial Seat dedication, 25th November 2018.

The BWMCA organisation funded a memorial seat in honour of David Edwards, who was a long time member of that organisation (mainly as the Treasurer) and the Buderim Foundation (for which he donated many, many bottles of superb wine for their raffles).
He was very community minded - helping with sound projects for Anzac Day and hall activities and generally where help was needed.
This seat is outside the Buderim Memorial Hall, facing towards the Village Park, and is surrounded by a garden which was created and will be maintained by the Buderim Garden Club's Shedders group. 

At the conclusion of the BWMCA's AGM, John McMahon gave a most moving tribute to David and his many roles in which he typified the "Buderim community spirit", and in the presence of David's family, the BWMCA people, and his friends, this seat was dedicated to David's memory on Sunday 25th November.    
This photo shows David at his 70th birthday party.

    Gardens of Buderim Book

The “Gardens of Buderim” book was officially launched to the members at the BGC Christmas Lunch on Friday 8th December 2017

“Gardens of Buderim”  is now on sale at Manawee Garden Centre and at the Old Post Office-Buderim. Price is now $10

Contact John Lyon, President, Buderim Garden Club, on Email john.lyon1@bigpond.com  or Mobile: 0448714561 to order copies.

Many thanks to Sarah Seeberg for all her hard work.
Below is a photo of the contributors for the Gardens of Buderim book.