Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

Monthly Photographic Competition

Month: March, Closes: February 28, Subject: Texture. Can be bark, Veins of leaf (but not whole tree/bush), tree roots. Results announced: 11 March.

Month: April Closes: March 31 Subject: Cacti or Succulent. Results announced: 8 April.

Month: May Closes: April 30 Subject: Fungi, Alga, Moss on rocks (local garden, countryside) Results announced: 13 May.

Month: June Closes: May 31 Subject: Colours of Autumn (rust, yellow, red, brown). Results announced: 10 June

Month: July Closes: June 30 Subject: Seed heads, Flowerheads (remnants of flower). Results announced: 8 July.

Month: August Closes: July 31 Subject: Visitors to the garden. Results announced: 12 August.

Month: September Closes: August 30 Subject: Australian Flora/Grasses. Results announced: 9 September.

Month: October. Festival schedule. Buderim Garden Festival Festival 21-23 October - Open to club members and public

Month: November Closes: October 31 Subject: Christmas theme (red and green. Results announced: 11th November.