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Buderim Garden Club

April: Garden scene- public or private Photos to be received by 31st March

Check out the 'official' place-getters for February below.

March competition (Hanging Basket)  was won by John Sargaison, 2nd was Steve Wikman and third was Joy Fixter.

Co-ordinator Merryn was unable to attend the meeting, but reported that our Judge, Paul Lucas was home from overseas travel, was pleased with the entries, and gave 11 Highly Commended awards.

Remember, entries for April  - A Garden Scene - private or public  must be received at buderimphotos@gmail.com by 31st March 2020.

First Prize:  John Sargaison.

Wow! What a basket!

Second Prize:  Steve Wikman

Third Prize:  Joy Fixter

March :  Hanging basket category 
John Lucas's Critique:
it is important that there are minimal distractions that take the viewer's eye from the subject This is best achieved with a balanced simple uncluttered image  The display of the hanging basket (and its content) should be sharp, dominant, nicely  composed and preferably highlight the beauty of the feature in its garden setting.  Good lighting and exposure are important.
1st Prize Critique:  John Sargaison
Impact, sharp, good lighting & exposure, "fills the frame", lovely composition with interesting "hanging" features I have stretched the definition of a "hanging basket" in this judging
2nd Prize Critique: Steve Wikman
Impact, sharp, basket colourful, off-centred and fits in with the surrounds
3rd Prize Critique: Joy Fixter
Good lighting & exposure, radiating lines of foliage that is in perfect condition that adds impact to the image

Highly Commended prizes to:  Patricia James (2) Steve Wikman, Chris Ryan, Diane Grady, Elizabeth Hales. John Sargaison, John Lyon, Lesley Doyle, Rpbert Wilson, and Merryn Jooste.

There were 14 awards from 47 entries = 30% awards.  An excellent result.

2020 Photo competition  February.
"Topic : "Close-up of flower, foliage and/or fungi". 

Co-ordinator Merry Jooste was very creative with a "People's Choice"  activity:  She states:

"Just for this month we have a “Peoples’ choice “ activity in the foyer. This is for you to choose who wins this month’s photographic competition as Paul, our judge, is on holiday with no internet connection.  All the entries have been printed and will be pinned on display boards. They will be numbered, 1-60  You will be asked to choose the 3 best photos, in your opinion. You'll be given 3 buttons, and asked to place each in the numbered cup ( on a nearby table)  matching  the number of the photos of your choice.

Our judge will formally choose the winner on his return and his decision will go towards the  person’s points towards the overall tally for the end of the year total win. There will be a one off prize for this activity this month.
Many thanks to Merryn and John Lyon for setting up all the photos in the hall foyer.

The "People's Choice" award : 1st - Julie Bidwell,   2nd  - Elizabeth Hales. 3rd equal - Elizabeth Hales and John Lyon
A special encouragement award was given to Helen Thorpe.

People's Choice Winner: Julie Bidwell

People's Choice: 2nd Prize Elizabeth Hales

People's Choice Equal Third Prize:
Elizabeth Hales

People's Choice Equal Third Prize: John Lyon

BUT................... The February results are back, as judged by John Lucas.

So .... compared to our People's Choice awards!!!
We gave Julie Bidwell's photo First Place! Paul gave her third place
We gave Elizabeth Hales' photos 2nd and a tie in third place.  Those photos did not feature in Paul's awards!!
But Elizabeth did get an HC for another photograph.
We gave John Lyon's photo a tie third place and Paul gave him a HC!
Make of that as you will! It just shows how individual the judging process is!

First: Barbara Eberhart     Second: Nev Douglas  Third: Julie Bidwell
21 awards from 66 entries - 32%awards

Highly Commended
Christine Rule
John Sargaison    (3)
Patricia James    
Julie Bidwell    
John Lyon (2)
Tom Crerar 
Monika Stinton (2)
Carole Willis
Jenni Campbell (2)
Steve Wikman
Joy Fixter

Below are the photos of the official place-getters: 1st Barbara Eberhart , 2nd Nev Douglas,  and 3rd Julie Bidwell.


1.  Competition months are February to September.

2.  Entries to be photos taken anywhere in the world, by member competitor.

4.  Three entries per member for each monthly competition.

5.  Entries will be digital, emailed to buderimphotos@gmail.com  to be received by the  end of each calendar month i.e. Jan 31st for February competition.

6.  Rules are provide upon request, displayed on the noticeboard and on the website,

7.  Points are awarded: 3 for First, 2 for Second, 1 for Third.Judges’ decision is final.  Highest aggregate points will be awarded the Buderim Garden Club Perpetual Photography Trophy, at the AGM, with a photo frame presented to second.

Monthly topics:

Feb: Close-up of flower, foliage and/or fungi.
: Hanging Basket.
: Garden scene- public or private.
: Ferns.
June: Autumn Colours.
July: Visitors to the garden.
: Art in the garden.
: Productive gardens and/or edibles.

Oct: Festival schedule

The results of the monthly photo competition were announced at the November AGM.

Photo show Co-ordinator Merryn Jooste and winner
Elizabeth Hales (6 points)

Second prize: Noel Williams and Joy Fixter (5 points)

Third prize: Patricia James, Steve Wikman, Chris Ryan, Sharon Bell
and Joy Goulding (3 points)

Fourth prize: Anne Tucker and Carole Willis (2 points)

Fifth prize: John Lyon (1 point)


Co-ordinator Merryn Jooste went to a lot of trouble to present the entries on display partitions in the Buderim Memorial Hall foyer

August's topic is "Art in the garden"   No competition in September.

First Prize: Noel Williams

Second Prize: Patricia James

Third Prize: John Lyon

July Photo Competition: Topic " Garden Feature in a Queensland Garden" 

First Place : Joy Fixter

Co-ordinator Merryn Jooste gave her report to the meeting, saying that the judge congratulated members on their entries which showed a wide variety of garden features.
Photos were displayed in a power point presentation before the meeting, and also displayed on a noticeboard.

Second Place: Steve Wikman

Third Place: Noel Williams
Judge Paul Lucas supplied these comments of Winning and Highly Commended entries. There were 17 HC awards from 34 entries.

June Photo Competition: topic “ A Tree- exotic or native- evergreen or deciduous

There were 86 entries for this topic, with the judge again commending the standard of the entries and awarding 20 Highly Commended places.

First Prize: Chris Ryan

Second Prize: Elizabeth Hales

Third Prize: Patricia James

Many thanks to Merryn for presenting the best photos on the display board.

May 2019 Photo Competition: Subject  "Visitors to the Garden"

Merryn Jooste is now the Co-Ordinator of the monthly Photo Competition and the Festival Photo competition. She's also volunteered to look after the White Board (for members to list plants and sundry items to swap), and also to go on the Management Committee. 

Merryn announced the place getters at the meeting, and the printed winners were displayed at the meeting.
All entries were of excellent standard.
Highly commended were Beryl Walsh, Eunice Worden, Joy Fixture x2, Dianne Boenkendorf, Michael Walshx2, John Sargaison, Patricia James, Ann Tucker and Monika Stinton.Well done everyone.

First Prize: Sharon Bell "Frogs in Pond"

Second Prize: Joy Fixter "Caterpillar"

Third Prize: Noel Williams "A Frog"
The Garden Club of Australia annually holds a photography competition, and in 2017 Helen Wallace and Elaine Davidson won Highly Commended prizes in this competition.  Well done!