Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

Workshop : Wednesday 28th April.

Steve Wikman reports:

On 28 April, 2021, the Buderim Garden Club members/visitors gathered at Bev & Aart Schouten’s pretty and well maintained garden for our first workshop in 2021.

This was our second attempt in running this workshop as the first date was washed out due to heavy rain.

Although there were some brief showers initially, these conditions did not dampen the spirits of the enthusiastic crowd who again shared their own garden experiences during the morning.  The main agenda was ‘growing Salvias and their characteristics in SE Qld’.


Salvias are the largest genus of plants (over 900-1000 species) in the Mint Family – Laminaceae.  These plants originated from Asia , Europe, California (USA), SA Africa, South and Central America, and the Mediterranean.

With these diverse geographical growing conditions, there are a few varieties that can be grown in many parts of Australia i.e. from our tropical north to the mountainous regions throughout our continent.         There are no indigenous salvias in Australia.


We were made aware of the Salvia’s pest disease resistance which is due to their high oil content in the foliage, through to the use in culinary circles and medicinal benefits.

This plant family is considered to have the truest blue colours and the brightest reds of any plant.  Terminology such as Salvia leucantha, Salvia microphylla and Salvia gregii were defined. Their growth habit and appearance were reinforced with samples where we could ‘touch and feel’. These visual differences were a powerful tool during this presentation.

Planting seeds and taking cuttings encouraged an enthusiastic discussion, including what potting mix to use in various processes.  We all agreed that an ‘open’ potting mix was the best for striking all cuttings and successful seed germination.


During our morning tea break we shared cuttings and potted plants, some of which were donated by Barbara Wickes, prior to her home and garden downsizing.

Prior to our departure, Bev offered and conducted a tour of her home and garden which included some of her family’s antique collection.


Thankyou, Bev & Aart for your hospitality.  We all enjoyed the morning.

Steve Wikman      Buderim Garden Club Workshop Convenor

This is the assassin beetle that spins it's web around the Ixora flowers, turning them black and unable to form a mature flower.
They hide under the leaves and have a very nasty bite!

The Birdbath Workshop was repeated on 5th Ocotober 2020

Steve and Maureen demonstrated how to create another Birdbath, with Elizabeth Hales inspiring some people to take up the creation of mosaics.
30 members enjoyed the day, and the committee decided this bath should go into Steve's garden as a reward for his work.
Photo shows the finished product with the addition of some succulents.

An Elizabeth Hales mosaic - a lazy susan

Buderim Garden Club held their first workshop for 2020 on 26/8/20,
(after being
postponed from Wednesday 25th March 2020)

 Co-Ordinator, Steve Wikman reports: 

At our Workshop on 26 August, 2020, 30  enthusiastic gardeners including our guest facilitators, Maureen  & Les Sheargold gathered to participate in making a concrete birdbath on a pedestal.  Our ‘creative’ theme also included a practical demonstration and assessment of what members have been doing in ‘Covid-19’ lock-down earlier this year. How have we all been coping with our restrictive lifestyle?  Of course, restrictions are still in play. 
I assure you that many of us have not been idle.


As the winter westerlies blew, we snuggled into our warm coats (some borrowed) but our enthusiasm was not dampened.  With Les at the cement mixer and Maureen at the work bench, we took our seats (social distancing of course) at 8am sharp.  Beside the ‘level’ bench, there was a finished product filled with water, camellias and nasturtiums skated across the top (due to the wind).


A Facts Sheet was given out on arrival so that members could follow the process and make personal notes.  Maureen shared her experiences, including faults and failures as we progressed. Her stories were entertaining in her ‘apprenticeship stage’, as she called it. 

The sand was mounded within the marked perimeters on the work bench.  It wasn’t long before the wheelbarrow arrived with the concrete mix and it was full steam ahead.  With gloves on, a few of us under Maureen’s direction, scooped up the concrete mix and moulded it over the sand dome.  We now have another use for dishwashing liquid, it stops the concrete sticking to the concrete mouldings.  We continued to fashion the concrete into the desired shape.

As the morning had a creative theme, Eunice showed us how to create a ‘Succulent Wreath” and her updated terracotta pot with succulents etc. John L gave us an overview in making small wheelbarrows including spoked wheels.  Cathy brought along 3 mosaic spheres, 2 terracotta and 1 polystyrene.  She had covered the balls with glass beads and broken china.  Impressive to say the least.


Time passed very quickly but the concrete masterpiece was taking time to cure.  The winter chill was not helping so patience was required. Maureen continued to scrape and shape the bowl while I gave tips and hints on gardening practises.  Using some inspiration and recycled materials from the Tip Shop, we discovered we all had some Art/Craft qualities hidden within.


Spring is not far off and the weather has been warming up to accommodate potted colour in the garden.  We discussed the use of the colour wheel to give our gardens, pots, hanging baskets that extra bit of ‘wow’. Together we shared seedlings, cuttings and ideas, to try when we returned home.  To conclude the chilly morning, we had a cuppa and a walk around Monica & Ricks garden including their productive wicking beds.


Maureen continued to attend to our masterpiece in our absence as we made our way home. A birdbath has been donated by Maureen & Les to the Buderim Garden Club, which is to be raffled in the near future.

Those members who were not able to attend on this occasion due to the restricted numbers at gatherings enjoyed a similar
workshop on 5th October.

Monica, our Secretary,  hosted this event at her home in Buderim, where Maureen and Les Sheargold  demonstrated how to make a concrete bird bath from raw materials, and co-ordinator Steve showed off many garden ceramic pieces and art forms.  The finished birdbath has been donated by the Sheargolds to BGC for a raffle prize at the AGM.  Many thanks to all who made this a memorable experience.
Monika's chooks and magnificent orchids were also on display.