Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club


BUDERIM GARDEN CLUB WORKSHOP : Tuesday, 12 June 2018    25 King Street, Buderim (Ken and Jan Evans)

 Co-Ordinator Steve Wikman reports:

Approx 50 Buderim Garden Club members and visitors gathered at Ken and Jan Evans garden on Buderim for another workshop which was again conducted by Steve Wikman. Steve demonstrated how to prepare and plant up “Spring” hanging baskets with flowers and foliage. Using the “Colour Wheel” as a guide, colour combinations were explained so as to produce well balanced effect. This process included the potting mix preparation, a balanced plant choice, and the required maintenance. Some members shared their experiences in this area which generated great interaction for new gardeners. Ken was keen to share some of his home made remedies from his (recipe book) in managing pests in his organic garden. Also he explained how organic fertilisers are used in his vege patch and around the various exotic fruit trees. The garden tours included a brief overview on his bee keeping including the reasons why the honey taste varies. Many members returned home carrying a variety of cuttings through Ken’s generosity after morning tea.
Thank you Ken and Jan for making us all very welcome. Thanks for your help. Steve

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The first Workshop for 2018 : 18th April

Workshop Convenor, Steve Wikman reported,
after the 18th April's Workshop at Caryll Beck’s garden.

We were very, very lucky with the weather.
It rained a little but then it poured down during the morning tea.
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and interacted through out my presentation.
Noticed a few more new members attending today.

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(This is Caryll in the photo preparing the meeting's afternoon tea.)